multiple collisions

  1. Broken_squirrel

    GMS 2.3+ Reaching Critical Mass (3 Objects Touching?)

    Hello all, this is my first post about anything related to Game Maker. I started using Game Maker back when it was called Game Maker 6. After making a statement like that, most people would expect me to say something about how pro I am at code. But that would not be true, in fact, quite the...
  2. G

    GMS 2 Multiple collisions: getting a value from one instance

    Hello everyone! In my game, the player object may happen to collide with multiple instances at the same time. All of those instances come from a same object, but some of them may carry different values for the same variable. What I need to do is to take the highest of all those values and to...
  3. Z

    Multiple Collisions Based On Z Axis

    Hi GMC ! For my game in fake 3D, I coded collisions with objects on the x axis and y axis ("normal" collisions). For the "jump" function, I need to set collisions on differents levels of floor. To do that, I created an object named "LEVEL", which take the depth of its layer and use it as z...
  4. S

    GMS 2 Multiple collisions with collision line[SOLVED]

    I'm having trouble with multiple collisions using perfect collisions. The problem that occurs with: //Single collision but only performs the damage state once var cc = collision_line(x, y, kx, ky, obj_elifeparent, false, true); if (cc && can_hit == true){ cc.hp -=damage...