1. NazGhuL

    Steam local multiplayer in online mode

    From this article: Imporant part: Total pleasure to hear! That would be very very cool. complete article:
  2. Byter

    Legacy GM Wi fi in GM:S 1.4?

    I want to make a small game with a local multiplayer so that it can be played with two Laptops. Is it possible with GameMaker:Studio 1.4 to connect two (Windows 10) Laptops via wi fi or other wireless Connections?
  3. E

    GML How to allow Peer to Peer connection

    Hello, let's say you have a master server that all it does is match players with each other by sending their IP. How would you make those matched players connect to each other? Wouldn't they have to have a port opened? Is there a way to make this connection without the players needing to...
  4. Marko03970

    Multiplayer on IOS

    Hi guys, I just want to ask, is that possible to make a multiplayer game for IOS platform, or Game Maker Studio 2 supports just multiplayer for android??
  5. G

    Windows Azure PlayFab - Setup

    Hello, can someone indicate me if there is a way on how to setup a project with PlayFab ( from Microsoft Azure ) for GMS2 Desktop ( Windows 10 )? If so how or is there any guide or instructions for this? Thank you
  6. A

    Legacy GM Multiplayer from singleplayer game

    Hello guys i'm new! So i'm finishing a card game in gm:s 1.4 for 2 players but its only local. And i want to make multiplayer out of this (i don't know much about it). So when i setup simple TCP/IP serwer (copy paste no idea what i expected) It shows that computers are connected but it works as...
  7. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to Dynamically Detect and Assign Controller to Player? - 4-Player Game

    I have a top down rpg game that has single player controller support for Xbox One controllers that I'd like to add 4 player co-op to and I'm having trouble figuring out how I would detect and assign each contoller to the player and instead of just Xbox One controllers, I would like it to support...
  8. Etendo

    [SOLVED] Lan Multiplayer block spawning problem

    Hello. So I have this block game I started a few weeks back. I've gotten the gameplay working, recently I added lan multiplayer with GMnet, which I followed a tutorial to do. It all works, server, connecting, sending and receiving input. But I'm having a slight issue. I have block generators for...
  9. Etendo

    Question - Code Trouble with multiplayer controls

    Hey there, so I started this simple block game in GM2 and added lan to it. All that fully works, creating a server, connecting, ect, but I cannot figure out the controls for the other computer. The game uses the mouse, and it makes it the first player on both computers. Is there any way to...
  10. ac585318

    How to start on online multiplayer matchmaking and lobbies?

    So for a few years I've had a game I really wanted to make but it is one which can only really be played multiplayer online. I'd ideally want it to have a lobby system where a player can join rooms of players who can talk to and challenge each other, pretty much like how ArcSys fighting games do...
  11. C

    P2P Networking

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to make P2P connection. I have found no information, most of the documentation and tutorials use a server-client architecture, with different projects for the server and client or having a client to host the server. Thanks in advance.
  12. E

    Passing multiplayer gamepad variables to another object.

    I currently am working on a multi-player game, which has numerous special weapons. Player one and two both function fine and can enable special weapons independently. However, disabling a special weapon is not working correctly. For example, when shield is activated, it will remain active...
  13. S

    GMS 2 Questionable anti-cheat & multiplayer aspects

    Hello, This might be a silly topic, as it might turn into nerd talk. Let's keep it simple. Anyways, from what I have gathered (quickly), there are no anti-cheat features in GMS2, I was just thinking about it. (The closest feature I found is obfuscation when deploying to HTML5.) Since I am...
  14. E

    Multiplayer/asset management questions.

    I'm trying to implement local multiplayer. However, I'm having a difficult time. I'm not sure how to move forward. I have a player object that I would like to use for 1-4 players. Can I use the same object when creating additional players? Or do I need to create additional player objects for...
  15. Fabseven

    Multiplayer in/out connexion ?

    Hello, I started thinking about a LAN multiplayer game and founded a tutorial, Rewrited and tested the code, as an example it work fine. But i have a few questions : 1- After the connexion is established, is it monodirectional ? the tuto gives information from client to server, is it possible...
  16. T

    GMS 2 Multiplayer desynchronization

    Hello, I've been trying to fix a synchronization problem with my multiplayer characters for more than a week. The time between sending the movement information and processing the information for all clients is so high that the character teleports back with each movement, which is very...
  17. A

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid]Need Programmer for multiplayer Zelda-like battle game

    I am an artist and game designer looking to hire a programmer. A quick overview of what I'm looking for: - Complex movement systems that incorporate momentum, acceleration, knockback, tile interaction, depth, etc. (like Pixelated Pope's Movement and Collision system) - Character state systems...
  18. M

    GMS 2 Online Multiplayer?

    I was looking at Youtube for how to make online multiplayer but I only found the LAN for networking. But I'm not sure there's an online network, There are Local & Bluetooth. Is there really? So How?
  19. matharoo

    GML Networking Tutorials (GMS 2 and 1.4)

    GM Version: GMS2 (also works with 1.4) Target Platform: ALL Download: Part 2: Part 3: Summary: They're three videos, where the first one covers buffers, second one...
  20. N

    GMS 2 Some networking error

    I'm pretty sure this is trivial, since this is the first time I'm implementing networking... Resizing swap chain...Error (0x 2740): Can't bind port Setting SO_REUSEADDR and retrying...Error (0x 271d): Can't bind port even with SO_REUSEADDR I can provide more code if it's needed but I don't...