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  1. N

    Synchronizing NPC-s in multiplayer rpg

    I had been working on a multiplayer game for a while and i was thinking about how could i synchronize NPCs without sending to match data from the server, and i made really good solution ( at least i think i have ). I have 'game world time' in game and i calculate that time from UTC time and it...
  2. Manuel Di Iorio

    Windows Multiplayer HTML5 and desktop game with WebSockets ?

    I would like to create a multiplayer game using websockets on the server, to easily implement it on HTML5. My question is if there is already an extension of a websocket library even for desktop applications ?
  3. Bingdom

    Android Establishing reliable gameplay through multiplayer

    I know I've asked similar questions in the past about having multiplayer. This time I'm asking what makes reliable and enjoyable multiplayer. Firstly, let me introduce the game I'm going to attempt to implement multiplayer. This game is an arcade game. The goal is to attack other characters to...
  4. G

    Free [Android] Wordtour, competitive word puzzle game

    Hello game maker community, old accounts have been wiped? Anyway, I made a new one and we return with a new mobile game done with game maker studio. Now Wordtour available in English! What? Wordtour is a mix of wordgames and bejeweled blitz arcade-ish games. In the game you must find words in...
  5. N

    Windows [ Networking ] Password Security

    hey all, i'm in the process of making a game that implements studio's built-in networking and i was wondering just how safe and secure the packet sending is, and if there's a possibility of any data being viewed by somebody outside of the game's client. it's very likely that i'll be...
  6. A

    HTML5 Async multiplayer

    Hi guys, I'm wondering how I would go about creating async multiplayer for HTML5? All I would need is to basically store player variables somewhere, then download them to other users to generate the other player for PVP. Trouble is... I have no idea how to do this. i have gml experience and...
  7. Gamerev147

    EZ Multiplayer Extension Help!

    Hello everyone! Everyone is probably tired of me, but I need some help with the EZ multiplayer extension by The Sivart. I watched all the tutorials I could find on it, but I can't find ANY tutorial on how to send image_angle and basic shooting. I watched Husky's tutorials on it and he was no...
  8. F

    Support with Networking

    Hi guys! I'm creating a strategy game for smartphone, like Clash of Clans... I need some help because I'm not skilled with server mechanism. I thought about the use I have to do with some external platform(server), and so I realize I need 2 servers: THE FIRST: That server will be create when...
  9. Anixias

    Windows Multiplayer Design

    So I have finished multiplayer TWICE in my game. The first time was the way I wanted it. I had an authoritative client-server architecture where client input was sent to the server and processed. However, I didn't do it very well so clients teleported a lot. Since I hated the latency issues and...
  10. M

    Local multiplayer via bluetooth or wi-fi

    Hello! I want to make a simple multiplayer game with Game Maker Studio 2 for mobile platforms, but it should work locally (via wi-fi or bluetooth). For e.g. this is a list of existing games and my game will be classified as (Bluetooth | Local WIFI | WIFI Direct | Online). I have some experience...
  11. S

    Mobile multiplayer

    Hi, For a while now I've been looking through tutorials on how to go about creating a mobile multilayer game but every tutorial seems to follow the same pattern of running two separate GM programs, one being the client and the other being the server. Is it possible to create a mobile multiplayer...
  12. RyanC

    Legacy GM Best way to setup turn-based online multiplayer ?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into setting up a game where users can search for other users and then enter a dual match with friends, with the results of each dual being stored in an online database. As there will only be two players in a match I'm considering using one of the users devices as the...
  13. Xer0botXer0

    Windows Multiplayer - Other player sprite is flashing

    Hi fellow game devs, So I've run into a problem, I'm not sure why my other player instance is flashing. (anything in that objects draw event flickers) Basically when my clients player enters a new room, it unloads all instance information and then loads instance information from the server...
  14. B

    TCP based multiplayer engine for android?

    Is there any TCP based multiplayer engine that supports Android?
  15. S

    Asset - Project Easy and Fast Multiplayer Online Game [UPDATE 1.0.1]

    Hi, I have developed my own engine for online multiplayer games. I've done it in an easy and simple for everyone to understand way. It does not require advanced scripting or code, only a few lines of code. Features: *Connection between the client and the server. *Sending packets easily using...
  16. RyanC

    Making A MMO Database - PHP - MySQL - Random Session Cookies - Servers - etc...

    Hi everyone, I have a game that I would like to include multiplayer in the sense that users can store there variables online and conquer and steal bases from one another etc. From my understanding I need to link my GMS application to an online MySQL data base via a PHP script. Anyone know how...
  17. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows 20 abrupt endings

    Gamejolt link: http://gamejolt.com/games/20-abrupt-endings/195653 Itch io link: https://adriendittrick.itch.io/20-abrupt-endings 20 Abrupt Endings This is a collection of old, unfinished projects that I have made between the ages of 15 and 18. All of them are now available as a single complete...
  18. S

    Released Croquet Pro ~ 3D, Multiplayer Mobile Game

    Croquet Pro a game by Top Secret Studios LLC | Contact Originally released: December 2015 ~ Last Updated: October 2016 Trailer: Description: Grab a mallet and ball, stake the wickets, and enjoy this refreshing take on the classic outdoor sport. Shoot, stroke, and knock your way through a...
  19. P

    Android Google play multiplayer

    Hi. How do I implement the google play multiplayer service in game maker studio? Is there a tutorial?
  20. W

    Windows tracking pickups for mutliple players for a level win condition?

    Hi again you helpful folks out there in game dev land! So, my next little head scratcher in my multiplayer game. I have a game condition happening like this at present: Player destroys AI. AI drops a moving pickup object. Moving pickup object is able to be picked up by any player. Pickup adds...