1. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ Multitouch Made Easy

    GM Version: 2.3.1 (some of it will work in earlier versions of GMS) Target Platform: Those which support multiple touches Download: Github Rebo Links: YouTube Series Summary: A short series on working with multitouch in GameMaker Studio 2.3.1. The first few videos will work for any version of...
  2. R

    Getting number of mouse devices

    I'm working on a portable cross-platform GUI button, and I want to detect if it's being pressed. I know I can use device_mouse_check_button to check if a certain mouse device is being pressed. But in order to detect if any mouse is currently being pressed in the button, I need to loop through...
  3. samspade

    GMS 2 Simple Virtual Keys

    GM Version: GMS 2 Target Platform: Desktop and Mobile Download: None Links: YouTube Video Summary: A tutorial on one way to make some simple virtual keys. The manual seems to indicate that this should work equally well on all mobile devices, but I was only able to test on an Android Tablet...