1. Lonewolff

    GMS 2 Video Player Pro - (Was) free for a limited time

    Hi Guys, To honour the internationally celebrated public holiday of July 2nd 'Lonewolff Day'. We are giving gave away 'Video Player Pro for GMS2' for free, for a limited time. The possibilities are endless...
  2. zbox

    Asset - Extension Video Player - Native Video for iOS & Android [25% OFF]

    Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $39.99$29.99 For both platforms, $24.99 For one platform. Modules: Android & iOS Description: This asset works with both GMS: 1 and 2, iOS and Android The first fully-featured video player that can natively play back MP4 video on...
  3. Richard Horne

    Question - IDE Does GameMaker 2.0 have better support for video files?

    I want to use a video file as a background to my game, this is proving next to impossible on GM1 without marketplace extensions. Does GM 2 have better support for video files, can anyone tell me?
  4. zbox

    Asset - Extension GMLVideo [50% OFF]

    Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $39.99 $19.99 Modules: All (except HTML5) Description: Now supports GMS:2! A full GML-only video player implementation! Can play multiple videos at once with great performance (Average 2000 fps on...