1. T

    Click-to-move. Stuck in walls

    I'm trying to make point and click. For moving I use this: Global Mouse Left Pressed target_x = mouse_x; target_y = mouse_y; Step if(target_x != 0 && target_y != 0) { move_towards_point(target_x, target_y, spd); if(point_distance(x, y, target_x, target_y) < spd + 2) {...
  2. L

    changing sprites according to movement

    hey, how do i change my sprite if i was to hit the left arrow for example
  3. Y

    Legacy GM Collision,Attack System

    Hello Need help 1. i set ai red is enemy but than touche me dont dmg me only than i push him with movment 2. this black is "Sword" this black spawning other side after this going on mouse side
  4. D

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Platformer movement/collision bug

    [edit] Turns out I checked the 'precise collisions' checkbox on every sprite I made and that was causing some issues. I unchecked most of them and now it works fine! Hello! This is my first post! So I'm making a game, and it's going so much better than any other game I've tried to make...
  5. piksil_demon

    only playing frame 0 and 1

    title says it all. for some reason when i move it only plays the first two frames. any idea why // varibles var up = keyboard_check (ord('W')); var down = keyboard_check (ord('S')); var left = keyboard_check (ord('A')); var right = keyboard_check (ord('D')); //ground colision if...
  6. piksil_demon

    movement direction

    you know in those games that have 8 directional movement, but only 4 movement animations? can you help me figure that out with this movement code here- // variables up = keyboard_check(ord('W')); down = keyboard_check(ord('S')); left = keyboard_check(ord('A')); right =...