1. FullCup

    SOLVED The Moving Platforms Trouble.

    I finally made a 'one-way block' right. Here is the collision code without the 'movement': //Instance var plat = collision_rectangle(bbox_left,bbox_bottom,bbox_right,bbox_bottom +abs(vspd) +1,argument0,1,0); //Condition if (vspd >= 0) and (plat != noone) and...
  2. Klanes

    SOLVED Doesn't use correct sprite when moving

    Hello everyone. First of all I have to say that my English is not very good and that I am a real code noob. Well, I am using an 8 position motion setup based on this code: //movement hsp = (keyboard_check(ord("D")) || keyboard_check(vk_right)) - (keyboard_check(ord("A")) ||...
  3. K

    Switching the enum state and keep moving

    Hi, I have an action rpg project. In the player object i have an enum with 3 states: move state, dash state and melee state. When I´m dashing or attacking the player just stops until it finish the action. It turns out that I´m trying to make the player move when i´m attacking or dashing (before...
  4. kureoni

    animations while moving

    i already did all the animations for the player for a topdown game, how can i make gmstudio run the walking animation when the obj_player is moving, and run a different animation when he is stopped??
  5. F

    Moving Platform issue.

    OK so im like a few weeks into developing n learning how to code....somewhat.....i im doing good so far but now im stuck on the collisions for a moving platform i decide to add in. i was watching GameMaker Casts video on moving platforms and i got as far as making the platform move left to...

    Legacy GM issue with moving object

    hey yall, I'm having an issue moving an object on the screen, for whatever reason it just doesn't want to move. I want it to move to a specific position when you enter my fight room and then I want it to move back when the fight is over. I'm using a draw_GUI for the code. could anyone help? the...
  7. HaloElite

    [SOLVED] getting stuck while walking on slopes

    I'm using this part of code to walk up slopes: if(keyboard_check(vk_left)){ hsp = -4; }else if(keyboard_check(vk_right)){ hsp = 4; }else { hsp = 0; } // Slow down opposite x-movement when jumping if(sign(hsp) == 1 && moveL || sign(hsp) == -1 && moveR) hsp /= 2; if(sliding == true)...

    Legacy GM help on moving sprite

    hey yall, i wrote this little bit of code but i need it for 7 sprites instead of only 3 in this case, i assume its a easy fix but i have no idea on how to do it any help is great! Step Event if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_right) and image_index != 2 then image_index += 1 //moves player right if...
  9. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Vertical (vsp) Moving Platforms

    Finishing off my moving platforms for my project and this one is really giving me a headache. I have a vsp platform but my player object keeps cliping/falling through it when the platform goes up after hitting a wall. On top of that the game freezes, not crashes, no doubt due to the while...
  10. Architheutis

    How to animate a collision mask? [SOLVED]

    Hi Folks, for being quick: I have an enemy in my game-project, with a moving core within its body. The alien-object is moving on its own (the body cannot be injured. But inside of it, the sensitive core is moving, too. And that core is up to being hit by bullets. Can anybody tell me, how the...
  11. iKiwed

    GMS 2 Moving character in a 3X3 Grid (Battle Network)

    Hello! I'm new here. Before to post this topic I read both guidelines. I hope it's the right section, otherwise my apologies. I'm not a programmer, even if I know the basis. I'm more into giving ideas and making illustrations. This is why I use both GML and DnD, and I try to "experiment" before...
  12. I

    GMS 2 How to change sprites

    So I want to make a sprite change based on mouse_x and mouse_y , so when mouse_x is less than object's x, then the sprite changes to this one which is turned left, and the same thing with y value. I have this line of code: if (x < mouse_x) sprite_index = spr_playerR; if (x > mouse_x)...

    Legacy GM How to make the player stop moving and start up again after textbox?

    Hey, there quick question, how would you make a player stop moving when a start moving again after a textbox is finished? t=regards EZ
  14. S

    GMS 2 Few issue. I record video on youtube :-)

    Ok here is a video and please dont punish me for accent and all aboat my english i know its terrible. Here is first code for sticking object : Here is code from weapon: Here is code for moving and shifting: Thank you for reading and answers.
  15. S

    Legacy GM Moving sprites get outlined

    I had a problem with a game that I was working on and noticed a problem with moving sprites. they where kind of flickering, I tried using draw instead because for me it didn't matter whether I used one draw object or separate objects, I just needed moving clouds. tried a couple of things with...
  16. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 How to Remove Motion Blur/ Jitteriness?

    I've always had this problem and I can't figure out how to remove it. I'm using very basic movement code, R - L = hspd etc. I've scaled the game already, it works at several resolutions. The recording shows the lowest resolution (which should be the crispest)
  17. J

    Help, implementation of Platform horizontal and vertical movement

    I need help creating a movingo platform, vertical and horizontal, is one of my biggest challenges, and all that I researched and tested, gave results. I've done almost everything I need for a platform-type platform, sloper, ladder, platform-through. I need to know how I would put it on my...
  18. H

    Legacy GM Make spikes follow object

    Hi! I'm making these spikes which are supposed to follow this object as it goes up and down continuously. However, I can't seem to get it to work. Here is a picture of the current setup; The blue thing is my object, which is supposed to go up and down with spikes on the bottom and the top. My...
  19. P


    Hello everyone, I am new to Game Maker but I know basic commands and functions that I've learnt from my previous small platform game. For this project I wanted to make a game where the player follows the mouse pointer (I have done this already) and picking up trash from the grass. I want the...
  20. D

    (SOLVED)Could someone help me with this please?

    I'm trying to make a Nuclear Throne type movement (The player faces the mouse and switches the direction it's facing based on where the mouse is) but I can't figure out how to fix this thing that's happening. The system works fine when not moving and when moving to the right but when the player...