moving character

  1. GunnyBoy

    SOLVED Automatic player position after room transition help

    Most of the tutorials I've done involves creating a "door" object for the player to run into and have which room to change to as well as the x and y position to start the player in each of the door objects creation code. While this works I'm trying to think of a way to do this with JUST the door...
  2. S

    cant get off ladder

    hi! so I put in code to make it possible for my character to go on a ladder and go up and down, but when I get on it, I can go as high as I want even though the character isnt touching the ladder object anymore. also, i cant move left or right on the ladder, or even jump off of the ladder, so...
  3. P

    Legacy GM RPG Movement

    Sorry, I’m new to coding and so this question is basic. What is the best way to make an RPG character move? Ideally it needs to - move with arrow keys smoothly - change sprite based on direction - if it stops, it has to stop at the “idle position” (like when a chapter stops, it doesn’t just...