1. M

    How do i move_wrap like in Towerfall Ascension?

    I just started studying GM, and i am testing move_wrap. It is pretty cool and neat, to be able to wrap with a single function, but i am trying to understand how to achieve a result more similar to what you can see in Towerfall Ascension. By that i mean, that my object will not be disappear and...
  2. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 how does move_wrap work?

    how does move_wrap work? like what would it translate into gml? I currently have this to wrap at a certain point /// @description move_wrap_ext() /// @param wrap_x_min /// @param wrap_y_min /// @param wrap_x_max /// @param wrap_y_max /// @param hor /// @param vert /// @param margin var w...
  3. P

    GM:S 1.4 Wrapping the room perfectly

    Hi, guys. I am currently making some games and now I am stuck. I wanted to wrap the room, so I just used the drag & drop of room wrap at first. Then when I actually test it, I realised it's not actually perfect. What I mean by perfect is, there is no space outside the room, and when object...
  4. csanyk

    Asset - Extension iMprOVE_WRAP

    iMprOVE_WRAP is a paid extension that improves on the built-in GML function move_wrap. The GML function move_wrap() is a useful GML function, but it has a few limitations: It’s limited to working with the border of the room. Being a move_ function, it is based on GML’s built-in movement...