move animation

  1. anjai

    Windows Animation / sprite change with sprite_index

    Hi, I have two moving objects in my document: obj_playerA and obj_playerB (playerA sticks to the bottom and and playerB to the top, both can only move left, right or jump). I used the same animation code for both, except for small changes, like any vertical stuff. For some reason it works for...
  2. N

    GMS 2 Problems with GamePad Input in a Platform Game

    Hi, I have some issues with my horizontal movement code. I have a global variables in the Step Event of my object Player for the horizontal move: global.input_key_left = keyboard_check(vk_left) || gamepad_axis_value(0, gp_axislh) < -0.5 || gamepad_button_check(0,gp_padl)...
  3. B

    issues with a very basic "move and collision" script

    Hi to all. forgive me but i don't find the issue in the block of script for "automatic movement" of instance in game. what i don't understand are : 1- the code are a basic code for movement that i have find on video tutorial online. /*velocita*/ speed =...
  4. R

    Need help with walking animation

    So I'm working on a top-down farming RPG similar to Stardew Valley and I just finished working on the sprite walking animations. There are three walking animations, one walking vertically towards the bottom of the screen, one walking vertically away towards the top of the screen, and another for...
  5. S

    motion gap

    Left, right, up, down. Is it possible for the code to allow these four animations to fit naturally from a standstill without any gaps?
  6. S

    sprite animation

    so i Am trying to animate my sprite movement and i got it to do the animation .But i don't know how to make it go into an idle pose when it stops are pic's of my code i tried adding a macro but then it was glitching. i need help!
  7. Architheutis

    Simple movement display doesn´t work (ladder-climbing - (SOLVED!))

    Hi Folks. Here is a very simple code-block for ladder-climbing. My game hero is working absolutely fine. I made further idles for climbing a ladder. He climbs up and down, as I wanted. But: He doesn´t play the full loop of the climb-idle "sPlayerLadderClimb". You can only see the first image of...
  8. Z

    Problem with making a moving attack [SOLVED]

    Hello there, i have tried to solve the following problem: I tried to make a moving attack but not holding the key, so i used the variable key_attack = keyboard_check_pressed (ord("Z")) to make this movement and i wrote the following statement; if key_attack {...
  9. BananaPandaDemographic

    [Solved] wrong animation when moving

    when i move the attack animation plays instead of my move animation. trying to get the hang of states. step switch(state) { case st.normal: { scrPinputs() vsp = vsp + grv; hsp = 0 if (key_left) || (key_right) { state =...