1. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM is mouse_wheel_up really the GML equivalent of Mouse Wheel Up event?

    Below you see an example of the Mouse Wheel Up event that execute the script 'camera_zoom', and this works fine. But below here you see an example of the Step event that does the exact same as in the script above. But somehow, THIS way with the step event and mouse_wheel_up in GML seems NOT...
  2. A

    mouse_wheel_up (or down) while holding shift

    I am having trouble detecting mouse_wheel_up() or mouse_wheel_down() in my input object whenever I am holding the shift key down. if (keyboard_check(vk_shift)){ //do things } if (mouse_wheel_up()){ //do other things } If I am NOT holding shift my game will 'do other things' as it...