1. Slyddar

    Menus with Submenus #3 - Mouse Support

    GM Version: Studio 2.3+ Target Platform: Windows Download: n/a Links: video below Summary: Following on from my previous 2 menu tutorials, here's a new tutorial showing how to use structs and constructors to add mouse support to your menu/submenu. It allows you to easily navigate, and change...
  2. F

    Custom Cursor Blink Bug

    Hi there! I was playing my game when I found a very strange bug with the cursor. I have set a custom cursor and a fullscreen option (if you press "F" the game sets to fullscreen if it is on windowed mode and vice-versa). Also, I have set an auto-pause function that pauses the game when it's...
  3. S

    Navigating fixed gui menu while also moving camera around

    I'm trying to build a real time strategy game that involves the user clicking on a lot of menus while moving the camera around a map. It's all 2D, so the camera doesn't tilt, but it does zoom in and out to see the world better. I'm drawing a lot of menus with the Draw GUI event, which works...
  4. S

    sprite scaling with camera zoom

    I'm trying to build a civ6-esque real time strategy game, and it should always have a mouse interactable menu on the screen. I have a menu sprite attached to an object that follows the camera around when the player moves it, but for some reason I can't get it to scale with the viewport when the...
  5. S

    Clickable options refuse to be clicked on

    I'm trying to make clickable text-based menu options. I've made it so that when the mouse is in the rectangle surrounding the text, it will change color and highlight. I tried using the same method in a Left Mouse Down event, where if the mouse is clicked while the mouse is in the text...
  6. S

    GMS 2 Hightlighting mouse over text

    I'm going to have a lot of text based menus in the game I'm making, and I'm trying to make it so that when I mouse over clickable text it highlights in a different color. I have an object that draws text to the screen and is supposed to highlight when you mouse over it. I also have another...
  7. Rusty

    SOLVED Remapping Mouse Inputs in GMS2

    I'm having to use Space Bar+Left Click to move the Workspace window around and keep trying to zoom in the room editor with the mouse wheel instead of Cntrl+Mouse Wheel. Is there any way for me to remap these controls? I'd prefer the Mouse Wheel to zoom and Right click and drag to move as these...
  8. E

    Draw text when mouse is over object

    Hi! I am new to GML and I need help with this: I want to show a text when mouse is over an object, but I don't know why it isn't working... Edit: I tried with draw_set_color(c_black) too
  9. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    Shadow Child is a challenging puzzle action platformer that will bring many hours of difficult levels, challenges, and surprises. Spend time finishing and completing over 135 levels that get harder and harder as you move forward. Shadow child on Shadow child on Gamejolt Shadow Child...
  10. paulog

    Problems with mouse object placing speed

    Hello! I'm making in a game in GM1.4 and in the game the player can place objects in the room in a grid by clicking the left mouse button and draging it across the screen. The issue I'm having is that, if the mouse moves too fast, some places where objects should have been placed are empty. I...
  11. paulog

    Legacy GM How to invert mouse movement?

    Hello! I'm making a game in GM1.4 and the room has a draggable view, that can be rotated 90º at a time. Everything works fine if I compile it to Windows, but in the HTML5 version the mouse movement is flipped when the view is rotated. I don't know why. Is there an easy way to simply invert...
  12. Y

    Question - IDE Is it possible to emulate the middle click functionality?

    Hey folks, The mouse I currently use (Logitech MX Anywhere 2) does not have the ability to perform a middle click as input. I am wondering if it is at all possible to emulate the documentation functionality that would otherwise be present when selecting methods in the text editor. Thank you.
  13. P


    Hello everybody, I have question: what does this function relate on? I mean when I resize my window(here is the code of the resize): surface_resize(application_surface,VIEW_W,VIEW_H) window_set_size(VIEW_W,VIEW_H); view_wport[0]=VIEW_W; view_hport[0]=VIEW_H...
  14. UnderdogKeeper

    GMS 2 GML, How to Change Sprite depending of a mouse placemant?

    Hello, guys and gals. I'm very new to the GameMaker, and even newer to this place. So I hope I'm posting this in a right thread, and I hope my problem will not irritate you or something like that. Before all of this I just want to repeat that I'm a rookie beginner, so all of this stuff is pretty...
  15. TheOnlyWRT

    Creating a bullet relative to a rotated sprite

    Hello! I have a top-down shooter where the player shoots towards the mouse with both the player and bullet sprite rotating towards the mouse. However, I am trying to get the bullet to spawn at the tip of the gun on the player's sprite, but I am having a real hard time doing that. The code I...
  16. kureoni

    SOLVED sprite_index in x and y axis change

    thats the code //for y axis if(y > mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_back } if(y < mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_front } if(y != yprevious && y > mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_walkback } if(y != yprevious && y < mouse_y){ sprite_index = spr_player_walkfront } if(y < mouse_y...
  17. samspade

    Design Step Events Versus GML Events

    Which would you rather use and why: an object where everything is in the step event, an object where everything is in multiple events? Example, a button object that has left pressed event, the mouse enter and leave event, the left released event or one object that does the exact same thing but...
  18. O

    Mouse clicks are not working with laptop touchscreen with HTML5 and Firefox/Chrome.

    I have an application that uses a lot of Mouse->LeftPressed events and it is exported to HTML5. When I run it on a Windows 10 Laptop with Edge it works fine. But Chrome and Firefox won't register the events. However, MouseEnter events seem to register when I touch the screen. I have to use a...
  19. O

    HTML5 HTML5 mouse coordinates are offset when browser is scrolled.

    Hi, I am having issues with an HTML5 game. The game is 800x600 and is centered in the browser window. Even though the canvas is completely within the visible region of the browser page the browser still adds scrollbars. If these move at all then the mouse coordinates in the canvas will be...
  20. If Programable_Matter

    Windows How to make Program with the ability to highlight the text with the mouse (Cursor)

    I've been making a lot of programs and they have been going well however I cannot make the text that has been drawn "highlightable" like you would be able to in Microsoft Word, Notepad, or other software which deals with characters. Is there are particular code which can enable me to highlight...