mouse movement

  1. paulog

    Legacy GM How to invert mouse movement?

    Hello! I'm making a game in GM1.4 and the room has a draggable view, that can be rotated 90º at a time. Everything works fine if I compile it to Windows, but in the HTML5 version the mouse movement is flipped when the view is rotated. I don't know why. Is there an easy way to simply invert...
  2. dazza_bo

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Snapping sprite to isometric grid

    I've been playing around with isometric lately and learning a lot. One thing I haven't been able to figure out though is snapping to an isometric grid. I'm trying to get a sprite to follow my mouse cursor and snap to the iso grid as I move the cursor around. I have tried a few different...
  3. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Changing player orientation according to mouse direction

    Howdy folks. I'm trying to get the player object to flip to face left when it moves between 91 and 269 degrees. I know how to do this sort of thing with platformer code, but this particular game has the player object move towards the mouse (as opposed to keyboard movement controls). I have set...
  4. J

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Mouse Movement - Snapping to Grid

    I am sure this is a quick and easy one for you pros, but, alas - I am new! In my game I am adding a "click-n-drag" element, but it is absolutely critical that it remains snapped to an imaginary isometric grid. I have not programmatically created this grid, I have just placed my tiles in the...