mouse controls

  1. UnderdogKeeper

    GMS 2 GML, How to Change Sprite depending of a mouse placemant?

    Hello, guys and gals. I'm very new to the GameMaker, and even newer to this place. So I hope I'm posting this in a right thread, and I hope my problem will not irritate you or something like that. Before all of this I just want to repeat that I'm a rookie beginner, so all of this stuff is pretty...
  2. woodsmoke

    Windows Roger Recoil - shoot to move

    Low gravity environment. Downward shots kick you up into the air. Defend the base for as long as you can. Small prototype game. DOWNLOAD (3MB)
  3. Bluetail7

    Windows One Life - One Boss [Mouse Game]

    A game made in May 15, 2016 - Ventisca Games Play as the pilot of a spaceship going your way through the final boss. Avoid enemy bullets and reach the enemy, destroy the target and save the galaxy from the monster that wanders in the void. Download
  4. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Branching corpses - The network

    What is this about? Part of the "branching corpses" series, "The network" is a strategy game with a simple premise: Between the moment where you choose an attack and the moment where the attack happens, all enemies will have the time to move away. Make sure to block every possible outcome where...
  5. W

    Legacy GM Mouse only Movement[solved]

    So I want to start a prototype for a top down dungeon crawler that can be played using just the mouse, but I can't get the player to move right at all. even just using x = mouse_x , it slides without me moving the mouse at all and I don't get why. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do...
  6. woodsmoke

    Free Catacomb Chess

    The city of Chessfield is under attack by bloodthirsty creatures! They come from ancient catacombs under the church. King, Queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns descend beneath the surface to end the evil monster menace from down below. CATACOMB CHESS
  7. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Bullet Object Only Destroyed Sometimes

    I created a character that uses a gun weapon, and whenever you right-click, it shoots a bullet projectile towards the position that you clicked in. I created it in a similar fashion to how I made the player move to a spot you click by left-clicking. The system almost works completely how I want...
  8. O

    Legacy GM **SOLVED** Mouse Wheel - Iterating too much

    --SOLVED-- The code was running on the objects themselves, causing it to iterate up once for each instance of the object! Moving the code to a controller object solved it ---------------------------------------------- I'm trying to enable the user to, when hovering the mouse over a given...
  9. woodsmoke

    Windows Digital Firewood

    Put wood on the fire to keep it going. Stare into the flames as the wood burns away. CPU heat keeps you warm. Includes various seasons and fireplace decoration. Download Digital Firewood
  10. A

    iOS Mouse Position Lag in IOS

    There seems to be an issue with Game Maker 1.4 getting the Mouse_x, Mouse_y or any mouse functions (mouse_check_button) anywhere near the left side of the screen (x position less than 50 pixels on the standard resolution of 750x1334 on an iPhone7 IOS device in portrait orientation). What I...
  11. L

    3D Flight Simulator

    Greetings, all! I'm in my second semester here at wake tech learning simulation and game design. Unfortunately, it seems I may have taken a level 200 class to soon, or at least, the classes before hand haven't adequately prepared me for this one. (This is a known issue, and has recently been...
  12. P

    Drag And Drop When mouse pressed - move object to that point on screen ( D&D )

    Hi all! I'd like to control my character movement via mouse. So when I click somewhere on screen, the object should move towards that point. Also some pathfinding option maybe? So that it avoids walls or "forbidden spots" in his way and goes around them.. Can I do this without any code in...
  13. M

    Left-mb click activates second object but need to turn first object over to AI

    Hi, I have 5 unique characters each with different objects to cover running, standing still, jumping, etc. I mouse click on one character and I'm able to control it using buttons on screen. The problem is when I click on a character to manually control it, I also want the prior character...
  14. T

    Legacy GM Alternative Mouse Controls

    I'm working on a project that, rather than using the keyboard to move and the mouse to be a boss, it's flipped. Movement The player character needs to move towards the mouse at a certain speed depending on the distance of the mouse from the player, with a dead zone near the player, a sneak...
  15. K

    (Solved) Move "moving object" with mouse?

    So I have an object which is running towards the player (another object called player, that is), with a certain speed. And I wish to make it so that this object is able to be moved with the mouse. But I don't want it to teleport to wherever the mouse is. (like in just x=mouse_x; y=mouse_y...
  16. Luke Pierson

    (SOLVED) Need Help with collision coding

    Hello! I'm making a game with randomized level generation using the tutorial by Heartbeast (link below): The video is part 2 in his series, it's about collision with the randomized background walls. In the video, he uses keyboard controls for his player, setting them to variables (hspd and...