mouse button

  1. bsabiston

    How to block/cancel mouse event?

    I have a big menu overlay that pops up from time to time, covering my regular object-based buttons. The menu is not an object -- I detect UI touches using mouse_check_button(). Is there a way that when I detect mouse down and handle the mouse click in my menu overlay, I can then cancel the...
  2. G

    GML Help with mouse buttons code

    Help with mouse buttons code. I'm making a starting scree for my game and I want the player to be able to select with his left mouse button and can go to different rooms (such as options, two players, chaos mode, etc.). How would I do it? What would be the code? Thanks a lot :)
  3. royer14

    Android mouse event press not working

    when I press on a box, it does the action of pressing the button that has stripes, here I have the objects that I created: inside of o_cart1 inside of o_cart2 inside of o_exit use script game_end() inside of o_play and in this object I have problems, I can not click on it, it does not...
  4. ltzibaozhe

    GMS 2 How to skip keyboard events when using mouse and keyboard ?

    Hello! I just started learning GML. I made an 8-direction player. 01 Keyboard WASD controls walking and has 8 correct sprite direction. When you click the mouse, it jumps a certain distance sprite the direction of the mouse and has the correct sprite direction. 02 problem is...
  5. L

    Instance destroy with mouse button release

    Hi, I've been trying to write a piece of code that would destroy an instance with mouse button release. I tried the below, but it wouldn't work - none visible action is performed: if (mouse_check_button_released(mb_left) && position_meeting(mouse_x, mouse_y, id)) { instance_destroy(); }...
  6. R

    Legacy GM Question about mouse buttons events

    Hello everyone. I am kinda new to Game Maker, just started using it a few days ago, and I'm having some trouble now. The thing is, inside my room I have my player, the ground and one button. What I would like the button to do, is, when it is clicked once, to start moving the player and be...
  7. A

    Legacy GM mouse_check_button(mb_right) issue.

    I'm designing a RPG character sheet and right now what i have is a button that opens an image (the sheet itself) with its fields. I have an object (obj_ficha) with this sprite: I want to click the little circles in order to fill them, representing the points invested in character creation, so...
  8. S

    mouse press

    just a quick one, my game has a few buttons but if i accidentally hold down the left mouse button for too long the button on the next page gets clicked, how can i have a way of it only clicking that button