mouse aim

  1. TheRealMrSketch

    Released Mouse, Don't Die!

    Hello. Most games are a point and click game. This game is about moving and maneuvering your mouse. How long can you survive evading windows 7 exit buttons in space?
  2. Buddy Theoret

    Flashlight sprite Stretches to Mouse Coordinates.?

    Hey everyone. thanks for taking the time to help me with this very annoying problem I am having, but I can't do this without a little help from my friend's XD so my problem is that I have a flashlight object that aims at the mouse coordinates but I want to make the sprite of the flashlight...
  3. qbot21

    GMS 2 Changing Player's movement speed depending on direction

    Hello :) Im working on TDS prototype with a bit tactical approach. What I want to achieve, is that Player's speed is reduced, when he is moving backwards and making sidesteps depending on direction he is facing. Sadly I cannot solve it by myself. Im using point_direction to allow mouse aim...
  4. T

    Windows Mouse action control

    Hey i'm using DnD to make a little game but came across issues with distance checking, made a little tree object and allowed the player to hold the left mouse button to chop the tree down, all works well, tree suffessfully chops just having trouble with distance what would be the best approach...
  5. Cpaz

    Windows Recent runtimes break mouse_x/y

    For some reason, as of the December runtimes, the in room coordinates for the mouse seem to be very inconsistent. I remember when I first found this, I reverted back to the previous runtime from October, and the issue wasn't there. Here are some photo examples as to what I mean: Note that my...
  6. N

    GML [SOLVED] Track angle dif for drag and swing sword

    I have a sword with angle approaching a point_direction at mouse. What I want is, when I click the mouse I can start drag its angle and when I release the mouse, the sword swing approach the angle stored at the start (when the mouse clicked.) Then starts again. I do drag from angle 5 to -5 but...
  7. D

    Legacy GM Player's direction based on mouse position problem

    Hi everybody, i'm trying to make my player object facing the mouse cursor whenever this moves (like in top-down shooters). It works if the view doesn't move, but whenever the view starts moving the player's changes facing the mouse even if it didn't move on the screen (which i don't want)...
  8. A

    Legacy GM mouse circular movement problem

    Trying to make a different way of aiming an object(clamp_range) moves around an object that's in the center of the view, when you move the mouse, "clamp_range" will move in a circular way, and like the mouse, it can't get closer or farther from the center of the view
  9. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]image angle problem

    when holding the left mouse button, the player will do a blowing ability that aims towards the mouse, the problem is that before blowing in the direction it's supposed to, it appears to the right of the player obj_player create: changedir = true // blow ability canblow = true // if able to...
  10. Beechbone

    Free Kosmos Below

    Hey, Just released my new game "Kosmos Below". It's a little colour-matching game with bright graphics and cool music. It's got simple controls, where you just move a mouse to hit coloured blocks with your laser. It's got 5 levels and endurance mode dubbed Overdrive. Check it out, and drop me...
  11. I

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Mouse X/Y Broken when GUI is Downscaled

    Hello guys; I've been trying to modify how resolution change affects my game. As of now, everything is redimensioned when it is resized (the application surface, room and view dimensions, etc.). It does preserve the 1:1 scaling, but as the game's development progressed, the minimum resolution...
  12. T

    Game Mechanics mouse aiming in a 2.5d game

    Hi, i´m trying to get a good mouse aiming in a 2.5d game. I want to shoot a laser. The laser shoots through enemies and stops at a wall The laser gun is above the ground on top of the player and is controlled with the mouse. The collision boxes are only the lower part of the objects, so they...
  13. K

    GML Player Melee attack with Mouse

    Hey, so I'm new to GMS and have no experience with code what so ever, but I did learn a small portion from Youtube, Google and so on. but I can't seem to get this concept in my head into code. So I want the player to switch to attack state and use the attack sprite when I click the left click...
  14. 8feet

    Steam [SOLVED] How to rotate counter-clockwise (Landship Turret)

    So I'm trying to figure out how to make the left side behave the same as the right side. But goes counter-clockwise. What tank can do right now... - Turrets rotate slowly towards mouse. - Fire shells out of turret. - Limit rotation, prevents going full 360. What it CAN'T do... - Left turret...
  15. T

    Legacy GM Mouse aiming and bullet trajectories in isometric game

    I've tried to google for a mathematical solution to my problem, but I've drawn a blank. I'm working on an "isometric" shooter game, which means that the x and y-axis are different lengths. I've managed to get the bullet ranges to work, i.e. they fly twice as far on the x-axis as they do on the...