mouse action

  1. F

    Sound looping on object despite same events as other objects?

    I have a menu button object for each option (o_start, o_controls, o_rules, o_about, o_exit) in my main menu, but they all have the exact same Left Pressed and Mouse Enter events, which can be found below. A screenshot of the main menu can be found below as well. But for some reason, the 'Exit'...
  2. Writerstix77

    changing cursor to different objects

    I am trying to create a Room Escape Game and am having trouble with the mouse. I want to be able to have the user click on an item in the room (wrench_obj), and have it stored in the inventory off to the side (as wrench_inv). I then want the player to later be able to click the inventory item...
  3. T

    Windows Mouse action control

    Hey i'm using DnD to make a little game but came across issues with distance checking, made a little tree object and allowed the player to hold the left mouse button to chop the tree down, all works well, tree suffessfully chops just having trouble with distance what would be the best approach...