1. inertias

    Windows Motion_set with acceleration/deceleration

    Hey everyone, I'm currently using motion_set for movement. You basically play as a ship that can move in any direction via motion_set(image_angle, spd). The variable "spd" is simply a value, really basic stuff. This works fine, but I can't get any form of acceleration/deceleration to work with...
  2. Necromedes

    Swinging With Lengthdir_x, etc..

    I want to make the player swing from a fixed object. I have lengthdir set up and can make them rotate around it using the D and A keys but would like to add a form of physics to the whole system. i,e: Add the speed that they're travelling in a direction to when the grab onto the object and use...
  3. P

    Legacy GM Menage the lift force in a 2D game of planes

    Hi everyone, I'm just struggle with a problem about adding vertical lift to an airplane on runway. Basically for the movement I use the motion_add for the plane (no gravity set) and at a certain speed I need my plane to start the lift procedure but the only way to "detach" from the runway I...
  4. P

    2D Simulate aircraft acceleration/decelleration

    Hello everyone, I try to write a small demo project with an airplane (sidescroll) fly with control of acceleration (it's a biplane) so basically player control propulsion with right key till value of 10 let's say and stop it to 0 with key left. I not use 2d engine nor gravity because I am just...