1. T

    GML Replacement for built in speed functions?

    So I'm trying to make some sort of F-Zero like racing game, but I'm using the built in speed variables and functions because I don't know how to achieve what i want with custom variables, which is already bad because the built in speed variables are way too jank. The other problem with them is...
  2. P

    Drawing orbits and movement paths

    Hello, I'm working on a Kerbal space program inspired project and I've pretty much got most of the mechanics done but since my math knowledge is limited (especially geometry) I'm having trouble writing the draw code for the following: I have a ship object (obj_player) and would like to draw a...
  3. Kiwi

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Fling object outwards and inwards while rotating

    Hey guys! I'm quite new to Gamemaker, so I'm trying to learn by recreating some boss fights I like from various games. I'm doing Marx from Kirby Super Star, and I've almost programmed all of his attacks except for this one: I thought of achieving this by creating a spinner object called...
  4. A

    Cant figure out auto-attack for platformer

    Hey guys! ive been working on a platformer recently and i cant for the life of me figure out how to auto-attack enemies (moving quickly to the enemy hitbox point, which is y-16) when the player is near them and a certain key is pressed. below is a beautiful artistic example of what i mean...
  5. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Object following movement and angle

    Good morning all. I have an object that i want to follow the mouse position when i click everywhere in the room. This is not a big problem and i have the code running well. I have a problem since i want this object to have its image_angle facing the direction the object is moving to. In this...
  6. S

    Portfolio - Art 2D Animator + Illustrator

    Hey everyone! My name is Rita. I am a freelance animator and illustrator. I have focussed on Animation over the last four years, coming from Illustration and Fine Arts background. I am a professional artist of academic training and more than 10 years of freelance experience, working in...
  7. S

    GMS 2 Wrong switch statement

    Ok i have problem with this. My switch statement make fatal error at line 20 and in line 29 i think same issue.Please little help with this. //variables kspace = keyboard_check ( vk_space ) ; attackspeed = 3 ; dire = 0 ; //code for attack move enum dir { maxx, minn, }...
  8. Erayd

    Windows Strange input results

    Why is the below code resulting in my player being unable to move left or right when holding the up and own keys? var up = 0; var left = 0; var down = 0; var right = 0; if(keyboard_check(ord("W")) || keyboard_check(vk_up)) up = true; if(keyboard_check(ord("A")) || keyboard_check(vk_left)) left...
  9. D

    Trajectory in Physics World

    Hello, I have been trying to build a basketball type shooter game, with a similar setup to angry birds, I'm trying to build a projectile motion path so the player has an indicator of where the ball is shooting. For this, I have referenced Riad En's video...
  10. TheOakNuggins

    Question - IDE [HELP] How to Remove Motion Blur/ Jitteriness?

    I am fairly new to game maker 2 and just started a platforming project. Currently I'm moving the player by adding "spd" (which is an integer) to the player's x position. The pixels aren't distorted or anything, but anything that is moving relative to the camera blurs. If the camera is stuck in...
  11. king javo

    GMS 2 Top-Down Physics Acceleration

    I'm trying to simulate a football player running using GM2's physics engine. I'd like to simulate a player running from 0 to x mph with acceleration and top speed. I've done this without using the physics engine, but I'd like to do it with physics to make the gameplay more organic. I'm...
  12. C

    Advance AI path

    Can I make a path relative to another path? Like a line and a circle make a Spiral path? OR some other way to make this work? Thank you guys:P
  13. J

    3 question about physics | Usage, motion and bug

    Hi guys! I've been testing the physics libraries, and I have 3 questions for you, oh OP GameMaker masters. 1- Do you recommend using this libraries for making a clasic platform game? I've been testing several way to get a confidence platform engine. I managed to make a good physics and colition...
  14. zendraw

    Shaders Motion Blur shader

    Hi i was wondering if any1 knows a motion blur like shader. i personally never worked with shaders so im pretty much asking for a ready made shader/script. or even if its not a shader but can be achieved in some other way im all ears. the reason is that my view is dynamic and i think a motion...