1. Silver_Mantis

    The Hour Has Come [Horror Title]

    You wake up in a seemingly empty mansion with only one goal... Escape. As you lurk through the shadows of the halls and corridors, something else is following your footsteps. Will you make it out alive? Or will this nightmare become a reality...
  2. M

    Beta Summoner Quest - Monster Battle/Collecting Game

    Summoner Quest DOWNLOAD: HERE Summoner quest is a monster battle / collecting game similar to pokemon. The game is centered primarily on collecting monsters (Which you hatch from eggs) and creating powerful teams that you use to challenge other players. The game is heavily focused on...
  3. WarpDogsVG

    Windows [Update v0.72.5b] Village Monsters - A Monstrous Life Sim Game

    Quick Info Release: Fall 2019 for PC / Mac / Linux. TBD for Nintendo Switch Genre: Life Sim in the style of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley Steam: Twitter: Website:
  4. Z

    HTML5 Felipe Femur: Scary Stories For Kids 2

    Hey guys, I used to post on these forums, but I guess my account is gone now that they have been updated. Anyways, I'm making a new game that is the sequel to a game I made back in 2014. This new game is called Felipe Femur: Scary Stories For Kids 2. I'm looking for some feedback such as...
  5. T

    The 8-bit's [Hack'n'slash adventure game]

    This is a project I have been working on for a while now. I actually had a lot finished but wasn't really happy about the result and canceled it. Later on I started from scratch with the same idea but with a new art style and better system. The game has 3 stages for now but a lot more are coming...