1. B

    Question - IDE Mac IDE - different monitor dpi issue

    I have a 2017 MacBook Pro, and a 1080p external monitor. Whichever screen I open the IDE on, the IDE will be appropriately scaled for the display, but if I move it to the other display, it will be either tiny or gigantic. is there are a way to use the IDE on multiple monitors with different DPI's?
  2. Ricardo

    Windows multi-monitor fullscreen issue

    Hi there! I have two monitors. Monitor #1 is ultrawide (2560x1080), whereas monitor #2 is a regular 1920x1080. If I try to maximize my game on monitor #1, everything works as expected. However, if I move the game window to monitor #2 and maximize it (window_set_fullscreen(true)), the game...
  3. Leonardon

    GMS 2 How to get a list of Displays/Monitors Available

    Hello, I have 2 monitors and my game always run on the primary monitor that I set on Windows. Is there a way (a code) to retrieve a list of monitors and then select, during the game, which one to use? Thank you Example:
  4. Metrollos

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Change Monitor

    While working on multiple screens, I noticed, that I can not find any effective way to change the monitor, where the game will be shown in fullscreen mode. The only way I figured out was: change the game to windowed mode drag the window to the other monitor / use window_set_position() to move...
  5. L

    GMS 2 possible to draw game on two monitors?

    Hello. I have two monitors, and I want to draw my game to both of them, but I want to control which elements show up on monitor 1 or 2. so for example, i want all the hud elements to be on monitor 1, and the actual game on monitor 2. I know how to use surfaces. but I don't know if im...
  6. B

    Fast Movement, Reduce Ghosting, New Member

    Hi, I´m new to this Forum but not completely new to Game Maker anymore. Actually I planned to finish my game without any help and after one year with Game Maker and my project I learned a lot and made much progress. But since the very beginning I´m struggling with two problems and after...
  7. MartinK12

    Discussion Problem with FPS on main monitor?

    I have problem with FPS between my monitors. When I run the game project (any game, even the simplest) on my main middle monitor game works slowly and fps set to 60fps shows about 45fps. When I move the game window to any other side monitors (left or right) the game jumps to 60fps and is faster...
  8. L

    Mac OSX Second monitor problem.

    Hi everyone! I'm new. Nice to meet u guyz! I have a second monitor "Hp 27o" linked to my MacBook retina. When i move the GM2 into the second screen, everything scale in a terrible giant mode. An example that i have found on youtube, ---> i have the same problem. Please Help me!!! Thx Luca
  9. Ricardo

    HTML5 Game runs faster when monitor refresh rate is greater than 60Hz

    Hi there, One of my team members just noticed that our game speed isn't correct in his PC, even though room_speed is locked at 60. The game just runs like 30 to 50% faster (depending of the monitor refresh rate), and we have absolute no clue on how to fix this. This only happen in the HTML5...
  10. Megax60

    Problem with scaling

    i've followed a tutorial to set fullscreen and to have a good resolution, or scaling, wathever, the problem is that its distortioned has showed in the image, HELP ME BEFORE I HAVE NIGHTMARES (ignore X, he is just a placeholder) here is the code i use to scale the game...
  11. S

    A monitor for game development. Do I need 100% sRGB coverage?

    Hello there! Here's a question that really bothers me, and I hope You could answer. Do I need a specific monitor for game development? While analyzing movies and games I've realized that picking right colors is the key to creating atmospheric environments and scenes. But what came to my mind...