1. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Project Freelancer Timer (Calculate your customer's price automatically!) - FREE

    Are you a Freelancer and when charging your customers you always need to do calculations? It is no longer necessary, just open the program, set the price and click on play! Time is calculated by hours, cents count too! FEATURES: Language system using structs (It detects the system language...
  2. C

    how to purchase single upgrades

    I'm currently developing a mining game. Premise is simple, you have so many moves to collect as much ore as possible then when your out of moves you earn money. Money is spent on upgrades for more digs etc. I'm working on the upgrade part now. I have the upgrades working, however the problem is...
  3. M

    Script that adds money every 4 seconds after placing an object

    Hello, I'm working on a tower defence game. Starting money is set to 200. Except towers I want to build mines that gain 25 gold every 4 seconds. I have no idea how to write a script for this.
  4. G

    HTML5 Earning $ from smaller (but quality) games

    (i say quality in brackets cause i dont want to completely sell my soul and make candy crush ripoffs for mums on ipads.. its just not a playerbase i can relate to) Can we pool our info on this subject? My best idea is release the game as free (kongregate, gamejolt, itch), but have players pay...
  5. W

    Drag And Drop [HELP] Money error/glicht doesn't shows

    Hi, Im doing one of my clicker projects and i was doing small cutscene and i did it and it worked but somehow i cant add money... its really hard to explain but... (warning my names are weird) I have new object named : MONIESSS inside of it there is draw event and inside of draw event there is...
  6. W

    Drag And Drop Money - Variable... HOW [Help]

    Hello, Im doing a clicker game, and im doing a shop right now and i put the price in to the global variable and i was trying to make a mechanism to buy things and how do i subtract from variable by number from other variable by that i mean... Money - Price = Rest of the money If we have 100 $...
  7. W

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for Coder to help out with project from scratch.

    Hi, I am looking for a coder/person that knows GMS2 very well. I worked on a game for years and finally had to throw it in the bin for a couple of reasons. And I dont want that to happend again. The main problem was that my sprites and animations was to big when I exported them as PNG. But...
  8. Megax60

    How much does a game sell?

    i dont know how much will my game sell, but im curious. my game will be an action platformer, 5-6 hours duration (or more if you're a casul), more or less, it will be a hard game in wich if you are a casul, you will die over and over... but if you think dark souls is easy, then, this game will...
  9. Megax60

    How do you publish your game

    After releasing it on steam, or on a interactive barbecue, How do you publish it, cuz, i have readed that if you want to make an advertisement of your game on youtube, you have to pay 0.1 - 0.3 per view, that means, about 1,000 $ per 10,000 view.... Thats a LOT, is there any cheaper way? or do...
  10. L

    Team Request OneTouchGame collaboration

    Hello everyone, I looking for game maker to develop some games. I have some ideas, some contact but I don't have any special talents to make a game. The ideas is simple make arcade game (like flappy bird or 2048) with animals subjects. It will be free game with add and we gonna make new games...
  11. V

    Android FreeBits - Free Bitcoin Made with Game maker

    Hello, I have just built a free bitcoin app and which also gives more them 8 coins free every 5 min. Built using gamemaker What is FreeBits? FreeBits is an app which gives free digital...
  12. silengames

    Asset - Extension OneAudience - Revenue enhancer for iOS an Android apps

    OneAudience extension available for iOS and Android. Marketplace link - OneAudience help developers boost their revenue up to 40% by enhancing app user information into the audience insights advertisers crave. It...
  13. H

    GAME HELP!! Help me help you make money!

    Hi! Are you interested in making a little extra cash doing something you already know how to do? Rad! Now, I'll admit, I'm pretty poor, so I can really only go up to $10 per thing depending on what it is, but I just really need some help getting the hard parts out of the way. I recently...
  14. B

    GML Making an interactive computer object within the game

    Hey guys, I want to make a RPG style game similar to Dev's app but before I put time and effort into making it I wanted to check with someone if what I want to make is possible using yoyo. So I want to make a game where the player is a song writer and they use a computer within the game to...
  15. F

    Article How do you know when spending money on your game is worth it?

    Obviously spending money is good for everyone in a sense because it helps support artists and artists help make the games we create more appealing, its a win win right? Well heres where im worried. How can i know if spending money on my game is worth it? Its somewhat of a risk because i...
  16. W

    Windows [SOLVED] I have a issue

    Hi guys ive come across a bit of a problem and i need a bit of help..... im making a game where you can have a lot of money and i dont want to make the user have to read like 12 digits of numbers just to see how much they have. so i would like to create a piece of code such as this pseudo code...