1. RyanC

    Android Distribution of Game Currency - VS - Monetization

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start a topic about finding the right balance between giving users enough free gems to enjoy the game whilst ensuring the user will buy gems or watch ads so that the app will earn sufficient revenue. My game has gems to collect in each level and a system in the shop...
  2. C

    Android How to setup Rewarded Video Ads?

    Good day, So I've been working hard on trying to integrate advertisements into my Android game. The best way is not to force the using to look at ads (think banners and interstitials), but to allow them to have a choice in the matter, thus the rewarded video comes to mind. However, I have run...
  3. G

    10 - Monetisation Tutorial is somewhat broken

    I'm new to Game Maker. I'm just following along in the tutorials and this 10 - Monetisation was next and the steps aren't easy to follow and things seem broken. Issues: 1. I believe the Preferences -> Profile tab was moved and is now found under Marketplace - Beta so the instructions are wrong...
  4. G

    Missing profile tab in Preferences dialog

    I'm following along in the 10_Monetisation tutorial and was following these instructions. "The first thing you will need to do is set up your GameMaker: Studio profile certificate. This will be used later to create a special extension package which we will need to save and import into our game...