1. N

    Legacy GM Download Error: Modules could not be downloaded

    Hey there! My laptop is currently being repaired, and while its away, i have borrowed an older laptop. It has been rebooted and updated to the latest version of windows 10. I went and installed legacy gamemaker Pro and everything went fine until it started downloading. Here it would say...
  2. D

    Mac OSX Your license does not have this module enabled

    Hi I wanted to give a try with gms2 and I installed the trial version on Mac Catalina with the mono framework and the last Xcode but I have always this message "Your license does not have this module enabled" when I try to run the game . Runtime is I tried to clean cache... log out...
  3. A

    Question - Code Using Zip / UnZip to Overwrite Rooms / Objects / Sprites

    Basically i created 3 games, with the same object code and names. Now I want to package it into one app which will access all 3. Eg. Game A, Game B and Game C Game A is loaded by default, Game B and Game C are zipped. If the user selects Game B, I want it to unzip and overwrite Game A...
  4. R

    Legacy GM Can't activate GMS 1.4 Android Module

    Hi! I buy a non-steam android module license on along with a Professional license key. I activated the pro key without probem, but I don't know where to activate the module license. everithing suggest to find license tab on my yoyo account, but can't find this tab. If I open up GMS, and...
  5. Sk8dududu

    Android module help?!

    So I got the humble bundle today with game maker studio and a bunch of modules, I have a bit of experience using game maker and coding, but getting these modules to work properly is ridiculous. I spent litterally all day, at least 12 hours, trying to get the game to play on my phone. I have...
  6. F

    New module for $1,200 it's a good idea yoyogames hope you like it

    EMOTIV Epoc module for game maker studio 2. Imagine new events and functions to read brainwaves from the headset and control the game someone made with game maker studio 2 blink to shoot focus to aim or even control devices so you have a menu on your game(app) that lists 8 hot...
  7. K

    Windows Why I can't export my game?

    Hello, I bought the GMS 2 at humble bundle. Product name is "GameMaker: Studio Professional Android Export, HTML5 Export, iOS Export, Windows UWP". But I can't export it. And I looked other articles about it too. So, didn't I actually bought the exporting modules or am I a moron? When I try to...
  8. Posho

    HTML5 GameMaker HTML5 Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 Changes?

    When working with the HTML5 module in Studio 1.4 many of us encountered many difficulties and differences between regular Windows testing and HTML5 testing where some variable comparisons wouldn't work the same way, Draw alignments worked differently, etc. I don't want to say these are issues...
  9. R

    Question - IDE About buying GameMaker Studio 2

    Hi guys. I'm new here, and I have a couple of questions before I buy GameMaker Studio 2. If I buy it on Steam, do I have to open Steam every time I want to use GameMaker, or can I easily access it on my desktop? Will an export module for Android be included, or do I (like with GMS1.4) have to...
  10. F

    Discussion What if game maker studio 2 master edition could make PlayStation 4 games?

    Instead of Xbox only in master edition what about PlayStation 4 and vita for variety you know shake things up a bit. But I bought desktop edition yesterday on my birthday. But think about others who have master edition and want to make PlayStation 4 and PlayStation vita games. So take this idea...
  11. F

    Discussion Suggestion for a Nintendo switch module

    Suggestion for a Nintendo switch module for game maker studio 2 so you can sell your own original creations to make money from selling the game on Nintendo consoles or just have a homebrew so you can enjoy it on a Nintendo console also it's not on a tablet but still portable.
  12. S

    Discussion Nintendo Switch Module

    Hi everyone! Nintendo Switch is without a doubt a huge hit! Nintendo sold more consoles of it than the Wii in the first month of the launch. Nintendo is also opening up to indie developers, so I think it's weird that there's no Nintendo Switch module on Game Maker. Please like this post if...
  13. psyke

    Question - IDE What is the cost of the PS4 Console Export?!?

    I can't find any information about this on the website or FAQ section.
  14. Khenshiro

    Discussion Master collecyion Upgrade to GMS2. Are all modules included or not?

    Hello, A small question about the switch from GMS to GMS2. I have the license for the full version of GMS Studio Master Collection with all modules. If I upgrade to version 2. Should I purchase an update from each module or simply the update of the editor (desktop, ..) and the modules for...
  15. G

    Android Can't export apk

    I managed to update GameMaker Studio to version 1.4.1760 in order to surpass the libpng issue, but now I can't manage to export through the Android module. Whenever I try to export and apk, I get the following message in the Compile Form: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went...
  16. S

    Legacy GM AppleTV (tvOS) module

    Hi everyone! I have got little qestions - how soon AppleTV export module will be avaliable? It was announced in autumn... But Unity support it. This is a big dilemma for me, cos I want to make games with tvOS support...
  17. JML

    UWP YYC "error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol" / "fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals"

    Greetings this is a follow onto a previous thread i made. the yyc compiler is not working, previously i thought the problem was due to an in game iap but i attempted to remove it and compile and it failed when trying to compile the create event of the first object in the game which only have...