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    Gamemaker Models

    Can anyone link me to a copyright free gun(s) model
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    3d Third Person perspective camera and object rotation help

    Hello! I am having some trouble working with a 3rd person perspective camera in GMS's 3d mode. I also can't seem to make 3d objects move or rotate. I can't seem to find anything on 3rd person cameras that is up to date for GMS. I am used to older 7/8 so..Confusing lol. I am thinking of using it...
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    3D Importing 3D Models?

    Heya! Sorry for so many posts about 3D stuff. I'm really new to 3D Game Maker, and I can't find any 3D tutorials that work with Game Maker Studio. Anyway, I have my room/walls built and things, but I can't find a way of importing 3D models, (.obj file), into Game Maker: Studio. I've tried many...