1. angelwire

    Graphics Toon and Outline Shaders

    First off, here’s a quick shout-out to the people who created the resources/tutorials that helped me out xygthop3 - DragoniteSpam - @Xor @Binsk -...
  2. Binsk

    Asset - Scripts UBG 3D↔2D Translator

    Who would have thought that clicking on something in 3D is such a pain? Well, let my free extension fix that for you. Download: Marketplace Upset Baby Games What is UBG 2D3D Translator? UBG 2D3D Translator is a redesign of my extremely old Mouse 3D Interaction extension. This time it is...
  3. Kentae

    3D Optomizing Model Rendering

    Hi :) I'm trying to optomize the way I render models that are reused a bunch of times, like trees, rocks, bushes, and so on. In this example I use the trees. Usually I would do it this way. CREATE: tree_buffer = vertex_create_buffer(); vertex_begin( tree_buffer, vertex_format ); tree_gml(...
  4. FeetUpGaming

    Legacy GM Drawing 3d Model Over Others

    Hey, i'm trying to draw a 3d model that is in the players "hand" so it's close to the camera but it clips through walls. So i would like to know how to draw it above every other model so it's always visible and wont clip. I have tried the d3d_set_zwriteenable() thing but that didn't do anything.
  5. FeetUpGaming

    [SOLVED] d3d_model_vertex_colour is always grey

    Hey okay i'm trying to use a surface buffer to get the colours of pixels but when i do and create a 3d model using d3d_model_vertex_colour() it's all greyed out. I'm not sure why it keeps doing it. Here is the code i'm using: ///sprite_make_model(index) var sprite = argument[0]; var w =...
  6. S_Kleer

    Asset - Scripts Voxel Import

    Hello all! Just I want to show my asset that allow to load models from Magica Voxel to GMS 2! All code writen on GML. It fast and optimased (i hope). This asset is a paid, but you can try free compiled demo. Features: Import Magica Voxel (.vox) models Models can be stored in one vertex buffer...
  7. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension Android Device Info Extension

    This handy extension for Android lets you retrieve various information about your users Android device. It is more accurate and reliable. Get the external storage path Get the phone Manufacturer (like Samsung) Get the mobile phone name (like Note 8) Get Model number Get the OS version Get OS...
  8. Misu

    Shaders How do I apply a normalmap value to a normal surfaced model

    This might be an easy question for some of you but its new to me. Im using a shader to do lighting and I got it working very fine. Now I want to apply the lighting details using also a normalmap texture applied although the results wont come out the same due to different normal sides on the...
  9. GreatCorn

    3D [SOLVED] Texture not loading properly

    So, I just tried to load a .d3d model into Game Maker 8 and the texture got messed up. I converted an .obj model to .d3d (tried two tools - D3D Wizard 3 and Converter 1.1). The .obj is ok in fragMotion, but the .d3d gets a messed up texture. Could anybody help pls? P.S. Yes, I'm still using...
  10. FredFredrickson

    Free Model Viewer

    On occasion I've had a need for previewing 3D models in GameMaker: Studio prior to actually dropping them into my games, and so I've created a simple model viewer program that can do just this. The viewer mimics Blender's 3D environment and allows for some viewing options, like toggling...
  11. M

    Reading An OBJ File (Help Please!)

    Hello, GMC! This is my first thread and post on the forums! I wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured that this part of the forum felt like the right place, especially in the 'Program' section. If this thread was not meant for this section - just let me know! Perhaps a moderator can move...
  12. zbox

    Asset - Extension OBJ Model Importer

    OBJ Model Importer Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $3.99 $2.99 Modules: All Fully compatible with GMS:1 and GMS:2 Description: Easily and quickly import OBJ models! Loads many thousands of poly's instantly. Includes an...
  13. Bingdom

    Potential Bug - Adding models to a custom model in game

    Hello GMC! GM Version: 1.4.1763 I think I have discovered a bug but before I report it, I want to confirm with someone here in case if it's something I've done wrong. The Bug: Whenever I try to add a block (using d3d_model) to a custom model that's from a separate instance, the custom model...
  14. S

    3D Wrong sides of 3D cube being drawn

    I'm working on a new 3D puzzle game for iOS. When running the game on my iPad, it appears that sometimes, a few sides of a 3D cube, which are drawn last, will appear in front of other sides, even if they are on the opposite side of the cube. Each cube is made of 6 primitives. Here is how one...
  15. T

    3D Help! My weapon goes through walls..

    I am working on a 3D FPS game, but whenever I look down or get close enough to a wall, the weapon goes into the wall/floor. What can I do to prevent this?
  16. jtmx

    3D Model rotation not working.

    Hello, I am making a 3D game and I have a model loaded in but it isn't rotating the model with d3d_transform_* functions, I have set the model to rotate with the camera's yaw and pitch variables however it just isn't working. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) EDIT: I got it working...
  17. James222

    3d model code vs d3d speed

    Hey guys so I wanna ask a question about 3d again, what is more efficient for game maker, especially for reasonably complex models to load the model as a .d3d file or to create it in code for example: model[2] = d3d_model_create(); d3d_model_primitive_begin(model[2], pr_trianglestrip)...
  18. Roa

    HTML5 Weird texture issues

    html5 has some very strange behavior in 3d. 1: I noticed that a model can only ever have one texture applied to it. The model must be redefined per individual texture. All model calls will use the first texture mapped to. It never to updates unless the model is destroyed. 2: stemming from the...
  19. Nathan Laing

    Job Offer - Artist [CLOSED] 3D model animator, sci-fi soldiers & aliens

    G'day! May need someone to animate pre-rigged (humanoid) models, exporting the frames to png. A full list of animations will be supplied. Here, a brief summary; Walking, running, crouching, sleeping, shooting, dying, melee fighting sitting/typing at consoles etc! Prefer to pay per model, per...
  20. J

    Asset - Scripts Sprite to Voxel - Easily convert sprites to 3D models with a few script calls

    Hi everyone! I've recently finished an asset I've been working on to make 3D models out of flat 2D sprites (by splitting the sprite into layers and stacking them together). It even works for animated sprites (converting them into animated models)! Sprite to Voxel on the Marketplace...