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    Moddable game in GMS

    Hi, lastly I considered making a moddable game in my favorite GMS <3 I saw that GameMaker is not easy with that There are functions like sprite_add() and background_add() But execute_string() and execute_file() are no longer here from GM8(I haven't used it) I see some awesome guy made a parser...
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    Design Modding in GMS games

    hey y'all, was wondering about GMS games that support modding. basically, i'm curious that if you chose to support modding of your game what is/was your experience with it. did anyone even use it? has a player ever create something of significance (as in, not just "gun that does 9999 damage" or...
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    Linux UGC items cannot be loaded on Linux

    Hi, I'm one of the developers por Relic Hunters Zero. We are adding mods support for the game through steam workshop, using GMS 2. On windows and mac it is ok, but on linux, even though steam_ugc_get_item_install_info gives the folder for the installed item, a call to file_exists always sayas...
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    I want to make a modable game

    I don't know that much about game maker, but I've played around alot with 8.1 lite for a few years. Now I have Studio: Professional edition, and I'd like to figure out exactly what I can have be modable. I know there's background_add and sprite_add, but is that it for adding external stuff to a...