1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Modulo issues

    I am trying to get the modulo of negative numbers. I.E -1 MOD 28 . I'm expecting to get the answer 27. But I get the result -1. Does anyone know why this is? show_message(-1 mod 28); = -1 WRONG show_message((-1) mod 28); = -1 WRONG show message(1 mod 28); = 1 CORRECT I'm lost.
  2. FoxyOfJungle

    GML What is "%" used for in GML? Something related to "mod"...?

    Hi! I looked in several places, even in the manual: And it was never clear what the purpose of using % in GML was, I also never saw anyone using it in other languages until now (they may be using it, but I didn't). However I have seen GM users using it and I am curious to know how it works...
  3. Kezarus

    Moddable Game Sprites

    Is there a way to import custom made images (user-side) into the game? I am planning to make it on a new game, but whenever you use sprite_add it create an entire new texture page for it and can potentially tanks the game performance. Is there a way to do it on Game Maker?
  4. JesterOC

    Android Modding of Android Runner File(s) for an AndroidExtension

    Okay, so i've made a Firebase Cloud Messaging extension, it has push notifications and handling of intent.... Got it working quite nicely.. ( In GM 1.4, Can't try Studio 2 until I get the mobile module ) All good... Except... I had to add 3 methods to I also had to add...
  5. Andrey

    Asset - Extension Google Play Licensing: modification

    Hello! The Marketplace has an extension from YoYo Google Play Licensing. However, it has one significant limitation — interruption of the game in case of problems with the license. Because of the interruption, we have trouble getting into the Designed for Families program. Also, the extension...
  6. V

    "Unexpected Syntax Error" using mod

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to create an on-screen stopwatch, and I have an error coming up when I try to use "mod." Here's the line of code with the error: s = s mod (rs*60); All it tells me is that there's an unexpected syntax error. Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks in advance!
  7. H

    Moddable game in GMS

    Hi, lastly I considered making a moddable game in my favorite GMS <3 I saw that GameMaker is not easy with that There are functions like sprite_add() and background_add() But execute_string() and execute_file() are no longer here from GM8(I haven't used it) I see some awesome guy made a parser...
  8. P

    GMS 2 Loading External Scripts

    I know at the moment loading external scripts is impossible as that means compiling scripts during runtime so I was wondering if it is possible to pre-compile a script and then import it during runtime. Or is this not how it works? I'm just looking for a solution that isn't making a pseudo...
  9. L

    Linux UGC items cannot be loaded on Linux

    Hi, I'm one of the developers por Relic Hunters Zero. We are adding mods support for the game through steam workshop, using GMS 2. On windows and mac it is ok, but on linux, even though steam_ugc_get_item_install_info gives the folder for the installed item, a call to file_exists always sayas...
  10. jb skaggs

    Math Help with i = mod 2, why?

    I am following chess tutorial for GM. My question is concerning the following code: inside of the for loop to create the chess board is this little piece of math. if ((i mod 2==0 && j mod 2==0) || (i mod 2 ==1 && j mod 2 ==1)) What specifically is happening here? thanks JB
  11. Mike

    Asset - Scripts MOD Tracker - Now works in HTML5

    The new GMS 2.x version now works with HTML5 - Enjoy HTML5 Demo: Current effects supported: 0,1,2,9,$a,$c,$d,$f,$ea,$eb 0 = arpeggio 1 = pitch bend UP 2 = pitch bend...
  12. Khenshiro

    Discussion GMS2 & Tracker music files (MOD, MID, IT, XM, S3M,...)

    Hello, Does GameMaker Studio 2 finally allow the use of Tracker music files (*.MOD, *.MID, *.IT, *. XM, *.S3M, ...)? It would be really really really really useful. Thanks.
  13. K12gamer

    Discussion Ask a former YoyoGames Sandbox MOD anything...

    Anyone here remember me? I think I used the name Mornez when I was a MOD (I was there...right up until the Sandbox closed.) I featured the last group of games there. Example game I featured... Those were good times...