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    Legacy GM Replacing a sprite on a texture page

    I'm working on a dungeon crawl-esque game, and I'd like to allow users to create entirely new content for it. To do that effectively, they need to be able to import sprites for their new items, enemies, terrain, et cetera. Terrain, though, poses a problem, since I'm using a primitive to render...
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    GML Loading images as data and creating sprite from said data?

    Hi guys, currently reworking my old modding system and was curious whether it was possible to load an image externally and store it as raw data rather than creating a sprite but then being able to take that data and recreate the image as a sprite through code? Gone through the manual and didn't...
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    Legacy GM INI Mod Framework Attempt trouble

    I'm trying to create a framework for modding a game I've been working on, and I ran into a spot of trouble. The goal is to create a system that reads object statistics from a file and writes them to a data structure, so that objects can access this information in-game. I'm trying to do this in...