1. E

    Mobile attak

    Hi, does anyone know of a good guide for drawing an attack button on a mobile device? Or any advice?
  2. gkri

    GML Advanced resolution manager (very mobile friendly)

    I wrote this (hopefully) handy script and I would love to share it with this wonderful community. The scripts has two primary uses: To help developers handling multi-resolution easier. To offer to mobile developers a couple of quality of life features. This script is heavily based on the...
  3. I

    Android Android compile error - global tap event is the cause

    Problem: I been trying to build for android using yyc and I keep getting this error Compile errors: Object: obj_ibisflight Event: Global Tap at line 1 : Fatal Error while compiling gml_Object_obj_ibisflight_Gesture_64 - bailing details below Output: collapsing enums. Error ...
  4. B

    Shaders Gridlines Graphical Issue on Mobile

    Hey GameMaker Forum, you really are a lifesaver sometimes! I'm having trouble with gridlines as displayed in the picture above. The left image is running on an Android phone while the right image is running on Windows. So, the gridlines only appear on Android. Unfortunately I haven't coded it...
  5. sercan

    Discussion Why do some certain mobile features not come as built in GMS2?

    Hi, I am using GMS2 only for creating mobile games. I have android and IOS export, no any other. You know, almost all of mobile games, has basic icons as share, iap, leaderboards, achievements, etc. Looking at the purposes, many of them works in a same way I mean you tap share and a screenshot...
  6. Gasil

    GMS 2 device_mouse_x_to_gui question

    Hello, I'm using: xTouch = device_mouse_x_to_gui(0); yTouch = device_mouse_y_to_gui(0); //And also tried: xTouch = device_mouse_x(0); yTouch = device_mouse_y(0); I'm drawing them in draw gui. I then create an APK of the test project. In my cellphone, I put my finger on the screen and the...
  7. J

    Android Project Revenge (Android)

    Project Revenge Google Play Download Link While in self quarantine, i decided to open my GMS 1.4 after 3 years of break and it really felt good to play around with game making again. So good that i decided to update to GMS2 and after while even purchased mobile module. I had plenty of...
  8. F

    Question - IDE Can't install GMS 2.3 mobile

    I got my mobile license and when it tries to install on GMS 2.3 it keeps showing error at the end of installation. It did work before I got GMS mobile and there is no problem with GMS 2, I happened only to 2.3 version.
  9. F

    Question - IDE Not able to install gms 2 mobile

    So I own desktop version of Gamemaker Studio 2, but since it was on sale I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile. When I opened my Gamemaker it started to install and at the end I got this message Do you have any ideas of how to fix it?
  10. SubWolf

    Android Wifi is loading a save file?

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem that I don't have a clue what is causing it... I have a script to LOAD my game data from a file (let's say the file name is "save.sav"), when the game starts I have an object that checks if the file exists: if (file_exists(working_directory + "save.sav"))...
  11. Y

    Fill out the screen

    hello how can I fill out the complete screen of my iphone x mobile phone in gamemaker? If i use "Adjust to the screen" in the settings the game does not work. need help. thank you
  12. samspade

    GMS 2 Simple Virtual Keys

    GM Version: GMS 2 Target Platform: Desktop and Mobile Download: None Links: YouTube Video Summary: A tutorial on one way to make some simple virtual keys. The manual seems to indicate that this should work equally well on all mobile devices, but I was only able to test on an Android Tablet...
  13. SalTheThief

    Movement in GML2 Mobile

    Hi folks, New to GML2 and wanting to make a 2D sidescroller for mobile devices. I wanted to make it so that, when pressing and holding on the left side of the screen, you move left and when,m you press and hold on the right side, you move right. Releasing makes you continue to face that...
  14. Mr Errorz

    iOS mobile game hangs / sound is gone after an incoming call

    Umm, so the title pretty much says it all, when running our game on iOS [haven't checked on Android yet], if the device receives an incoming call, once the call is done and the device is back on the game, all sound is muted, and additionally, the game sometimes hangs. Anyone familiar with this...
  15. V

    HTML5 HTML5 scales beautifully on desktop browsers, but the resolution is completely wrong (3-4x too small) in iOS and Android browsers!

    Hi all, I've been following the tech blog article on HTML5 scaling, and to my delight, it has worked great for my HTML5 game. However, it only seems to work on desktop browsers. When I try to test the game on my iPhone 7 iOS (12?) Safari or my partner's Samsung S9 with Chrome, the game...
  16. YoSniper

    Location of Android drivers and how to install

    Hello all, The most recent thread I could see addressing this issue is from 4 years ago, and I understand that technology has evolved since then. I am trying to compile a mobile app for Android, and the APK file seems to generate just fine. However, I still get a failure message at the end...
  17. E

    Steam Gamemaker studio 2 Steam

    Hello, im new in gamemaker studio, and i have Gamemaker studio 2 Desktop Steam, i can make a game for android and publish? Or i need gamemaker studio2 Mobile steam?
  18. KSoftLabs

    Android Changing Splash Screen and Display Name in Android

    I've purchased a GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile license. But when exporting the APK Made with Game Maker Studio Splash screen shows. Further more when installed the app name is also "Made in GameMaker Studio 2". I've changed the Display name in Game options - Android and have uploaded splash screen...
  19. Let's Clone

    iOS DLC Questions..

    I know VERY little when it comes to DLC release. So I'm mostly looking to be pointed in the direction of some articles and documentation. But I do have a particular situation that I'm in. You see, I'm currently writing a meditation app... in Game Maker, haha. After all, they say the best tool...
  20. T

    How can I limit a space in my room where the view can move? / fixating a view in a specific spot on

    Hello everyone! I am making a mobile platform fighter (using GMS 1.4) that looks like this: So, the idea is to have a big square in the center where the action takes place and on the top and bottom we have each player’s controller. I made a prototype and got a few feedbacks from my friends...