1. R

    Android Change windows to mobile events

    I followed the tutorials on how to emulate an Android in Game Maker. Now, how to enable mobile device events in game maker 2. Windows events are enabled and i have both platforms.
  2. M

    Android Mobile Platformer Game Buttons

    I started making a mobile platform game. At first, I made the game with windows codes. Does anyone have any information on how to make buttons that will stay out of camera tracking and allow us to control the Player?
  3. scrimblo

    HTML5 GMS HTML5 game crashes only only on mobile

    Hi! Over the past couple months, I've been working on a little personal, game/toy thing in Gamemaker Studio targetting HTML5. I've been regularly pushing updated versions to so my friends can play and playtest. In the second to last update, I noticed that, although it still works on my...
  4. JeanSwamp

    Android/iOS Inactive Local Time

    Hello, I am starting out with mobile development and I have no idea how games manage the coldown for items, and such. In my case I am making a pet game, where I want the pet to have hunger or get dirty after a few hours or so, or even do daily gifts. How do you track this time in Game Maker...
  5. JeanSwamp

    Android & iOS Rumble/Vibration

    Hello, I am testing the waters with mobile development and I did not find anything in the GMS2 documentation about rumble for mobile devices. I am familiar with doing it with gamepads, however this seems to be completely different. Anyone with experience in mobile development can point me out...
  6. mMcFab

    Asset - Extension GMCardboard - Google Cardboard VR for GameMaker Studio 2

    Price: TBD (hopefully free - check below) This is Google Cardboard for GameMaker Studio 2, a native C++ extension for Android This extension brings mobile VR to GameMaker, allowing you to create VR experiences with relative ease I have wanted to make this extension for a long time, but I was...
  7. I

    Android Android Build Failed

    I am new to mobile development and I just don't understand how to fix this FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Unable to start the daemon process. This problem might be caused by incorrect configuration of the daemon. For example, an unrecognized jvm option is used...
  8. kamiyasi

    GMS 2.3+ Is there an asynchronous event for when the app on mobile is minimized?

    I'm testing my project on my Android tablet, and I noticed that if I minimize the project to go to the home screen, then pull it back up again, then gpu_set_texrepeat gets set to false, or at least it appears to. I have 3D elements drawn using the buffer that use textures outside of the 0-1 UV...
  9. B

    Asset - Extension ByteBrew: Analytics, Monetization, and Live-Ops Extension

    Hey All, Wanted to let the community know that we are releasing our GameMaker extension for our free game growth platform, ByteBrew. If guys don't know, ByteBrew is the easy-to-integrate platform for GameMaker that provides everything you need to grow your game with Real-Time Analytics...
  10. B

    iOS AdMob Alternatives (Unity? MoPub?) for Mobile Banner Ads in GMS2?

    We recently launched a mobile game using AdMob to serve banner ads. We're having issues with our AdMob account limiting our ad serving, so we are looking into alternative ad networks. Does anyone have experience or advice using Unity Ads for banner ads in GMS2? I've seen extensions for Unity...
  11. clee2005

     13:6 Aspect Ratio (iPhoneX) responsive design

    Hey gang, I'm hoping someone out there has a suggestion on how to better manage the black bars at the top and bottom (of a portrait game) for iPhoneX (and other 19.5:9 or 13:6 aspect ratio devices). What I've done to "patch" our existing games is to display something on the top and bottom of...
  12. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ Multitouch Made Easy

    GM Version: 2.3.1 (some of it will work in earlier versions of GMS) Target Platform: Those which support multiple touches Download: Github Rebo Links: YouTube Series Summary: A short series on working with multitouch in GameMaker Studio 2.3.1. The first few videos will work for any version of...
  13. Genesys Generation

    How to develop a GameMaker game for both desktop and mobile

    For a few months I have been creating a game using GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop. It turns out that I would like to launch it also for cell phones, and for that I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile. That's when my doubt arises. In GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile, you have the option to open the projects...
  14. Luquemeister

    GMS 2.3+ Saving and loading problem(mobile game)

    Hello! I'm trying to implement save and load in my game, is simple, I only want to save a variable (at the moment) the number of coins player has. I have an object called: obj_dataManage which is placed in the very first room of the game in the create event: global.coins_number=0; load_data()...
  15. Luquemeister

    SOLVED Problem colision with walls sometimes bugged.

    Hello every one I'm trying to recreate the Breakthrough game in a mobile version, making some testing in the game I found a kind of strange bug and I dont know how to fix it. The ball in the game should bounce properly without staying in one bordermoving up and down.
  16. I

    Android Can I just by the mobile exporter separately

    Hi I have the Desktop edition, can I purchase the mobile exporters separately - as at the moment it seems I can only buy the complete new edition of the GMS2 mobile edition. As I already own the desktop edition, can I not just purchase the exporters? Regards i
  17. yvodlyn

    Android Icy Bird

    FIRST TEXT BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Hi everyone! Tomorrow, it's Chrismas! However, we have a huge problem! CHRISMAS NEEDS YOU!!!! On Christmas Eve Father Grinch stole all the Christmas presents. Your mission is to collect all the Christmas presents. Play as Icy Bird And save Christmas! Thanks to your...
  18. master2015hp

    GMS 2.3+ swipe gesture handle?

    Hi, i want to ask how can i handle mobile swipe gesture and scroll the view to proper direction accord to the swipe?
  19. F

    Android Can't compile android build

    For some reason I cannot make APK for a game I'm working on. It says the path is not supported however when I made new empty project in the same exact folder I could compile it without any issues. Here are few last lines of log that shows the error. edit: It's worth to mention that "Format...
  20. descrubb

    Supporting IPv6 (Specifically for Mobile Networking)

    Hello... I am looking into creating native extensions for iOS and Android for the purpose of mobile peer networking. I understand that IPv6 networks are unreachable, to an extent, from IPv4 networks and since, from what I've seen and heard, much of mobile network space is "IPv6 only" which is...