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  1. Let's Clone

    iOS DLC Questions..

    I know VERY little when it comes to DLC release. So I'm mostly looking to be pointed in the direction of some articles and documentation. But I do have a particular situation that I'm in. You see, I'm currently writing a meditation app... in Game Maker, haha. After all, they say the best tool...
  2. T

    How can I limit a space in my room where the view can move? / fixating a view in a specific spot on

    Hello everyone! I am making a mobile platform fighter (using GMS 1.4) that looks like this: So, the idea is to have a big square in the center where the action takes place and on the top and bottom we have each player’s controller. I made a prototype and got a few feedbacks from my friends...
  3. T

    Android / Amazon Fire Login via Play Service vs Database & storing progress

    Does someone know if the Google Play Service Login return a unique ID that I can use for "Registration" with my game? This unique-id should be used to store game progress inside my MySql-DB. So if a user is playing the game from a different device, he still can get his Progress loaded via the...
  4. Let's Clone

    Android / Amazon Fire Play audio with screen locked

    Hey, forum. I'm pretty new to mobile development via GML and I was wondering if it's possible to have audio continue to play when the user locks the screen. I know this isn't a typical function for a game, but it's a desired feature for what I'm currently working on. Thanks!
  5. Y

    mobile networking

    Hi everyone, i created a .exe to be my a server and i have created a mobile client (android apk). I want to connect the mobile client with the server trough udp, i did it succefully when i connected the mobile to wifi and i used my public ip in the client to deliver the buffers to my server...
  6. willkaiju

    Design A postmortem on publishing to iOS and Android with GMS

    Hi there! I’m happy to say that Super Silly Soccer is finally out for iOS and for Android! Check it out in the Made with GameMaker forum: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/super-silly-soccer-out-now-for-free-on-ios-and-android.71102/ Here are a few things I learned from working...
  7. willkaiju

    Released Super Silly Soccer out now for free on iOS and Android

    Hello! I’m happy to announce my first (finished) game with GMS: Super Silly Soccer, free for iOS and Android. Download it here: https://kaiju.games/super-silly-soccer And here's a trailer: Super Silly Soccer is simple but hard-to-master, with two modes of play. Endless is a mode where you...
  8. wilmer

    Legacy GM Undo and redo the points of a path

    Greetings to all I have this doubt, in a Room I have several instances of objects that function as levels that when clicking click access to a different level and under those objects I have an open path with 46 points as if it were a path, as well as "Candy Crush", This is only for something...
  9. I

    Question - Account GMS2 mobile licence

    Where can I get my money back from GMS2 or can I sell GMS2 mobile licence?

    Android / Amazon Fire Pocket Air Guitar (FREE Version, NO ADS)

    DOWNLOAD at Google Play (FREE Version, NO ADS) What is it? Hold your phone like a guitar...and play it like an actual guitar! Wherever you are! This is Pocket Air Guitar FREE version with NO ADS Play like a guitar wizard in a matter of MINUTES (maybe ;)), but absolutely no previous musical...
  11. Architheutis

    How to program a user text input box (Highscore) [SOLVED!]

    Hi Folks, my game is in the fine adjustment... ... I programmed a highscore table with a text input box. So the player is able to type his name via keyboard. That works on PC or laptop aso. But what about a mobile unit like a smartphone or tablet? It´s set with a keyboard_string = " "...
  12. V

    Free Super Fishermind (Android & iOS) [FREE]

    Are you ready to wrack your brains and become a true Fisherminder? Well, get your baits ready, many colorful little fish are waiting for you! The goal is being able to find the correct combination of colored fish within a fixed number of attempts. With Super Fishermind you will be able to keep...
  13. AlmightyTrapGod

    Android / Amazon Fire TrApp (Official)

    Today, I want to present to you a new game called TrApp! Welcome to TrApp, where you help your favorite character to finesse his way to the top! Play TrApp to reveal the amazing story of our hero, as he battle his way to the top by fighting off robbers, police, and giving each one of his...
  14. SIG.

    iOS iOS export uses deprecated UIWebView API, triggering a warning from Apple

    I submitted my game for beta review and received an email from Apple stating that my app had an "issue": The linked page explains that UIWebView is "a view that embeds web content in your app." My app is straightforwardly just a game without any integrations from the web or otherwise. The...
  15. FloresSottile

    Touch register in HTML5 for mobile devices (not running locally)

    I know it would be much better to not make games for HTML5, but in this case the game I've made needs to be on HTML5 as it will be used for research and the experiments need to be done easily by kids. Anyways, the problem I have with the game is that the touch register event...
  16. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Move Player Towards Mouse/Touch x, y

    Hello, I'm making a mobile game where it's played in portrait mode and the screen is auto scrolling upward with the o_player moving in a top down style movement and while I have some input methods already done, I'm trying to make an input method where when the player "touches" a part of the...
  17. uriel romeo

    iOS KATAPLAK! - A free minimalist action game

    Hello everyone! This is my first game ever released using Game Maker, I hope you will enjoy it. The concept is simple: you play as a box and you have to get to the goal to clear the level. There are 45 levels in total and you can beat the levels in different ways to get badges. It's available...
  18. E

    Android / Amazon Fire GMS2 Help with scaling for mobile

    Hello, i'm trying to scale the view port to be the biggest possible without changing camera size and while keeping the aspect ratio. And then bring the view port to the top of the screen, so i have enough room on the bottom of the screen to add buttons, which i know i can achieve by using...
  19. I

    Windows Do I need to get GMS2 Desktop License to TEST on desktop (if I have GMS2 Mobile already)?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to buy GMS2 Mobile to make android games However, I often like to TEST some things on my PC first without having to get my phone out (usually really basic things, eg. menus, buttons, etc) Ie. In GMS1.4 I set the target module to "Windows" and press the green arrow...
  20. G

    Android / Amazon Fire Minimizing battery usage?

    My game is about done, and I'm noticing that it tends to chew through battery pretty well. I think this has gotten worse since I added sounds and music. There may not be a lot I can do about it at this point, since the whole game is a house of cards assembled over two years of learning, but who...