mobile games

  1. Xalezar

    Demo Nymble - Puzzle Game

    Play it here: Nymble is a turn-based puzzle game. You play as Jack, who jumps over things to interact with them. Search for the seedling, plant it in the soil, and advance to the next level! Fun facts: I designed and programmed the game myself. I am also a...
  2. harambe1

    Android Soul Chase [RELEASED]

    Do you guys miss NES and SNES games from the 80's and the 90's? Do you miss actual challenge and the satisfaction of completing a difficult but fun level? Can't bear the nostalgia anymore? Look no further, Soul Chase is here to fix your NES / SNES nostalgia! This is an indie game that was...
  3. I

    HTML5 Net Heads

    Net Heads Headbutt volleyballs to victory against a zany cast of increasingly adept opponents! Net Heads is a mastery sports game that can be played in browser on any device. You can also play with a friend in our two player mode! Play free on our site - Art by Gabriel...
  4. I

    HTML5 Consumption Tax

    Consumption Tax Feed the adorable little money grub so he can grow! Consumption Tax is a short, dark humor clicker. The game can be played in browser on any device! Play it free on our site - Art by Gabriel Priske Code by William John Holly Design by both of us
  5. I

    HTML5 Minecart Mayhem

    Minecart Mayhem Quickly build track segments to launch this crazy miner through the sky! Minecart Mayhem is sort of a cross between Line Ridder and Flappy Bird. The game can be played in browser on any device! Play it free on our site - Visuals by Gabriel Priske Code by...
  6. H

    Android Sokoban Mega Mine

    Available on Google Play and [Store Description] It's another day in the mines and Stan the miner needs your help! Push and shuffle crates to collect the nuggets of gold on each floor. Put your skills to the test on an adventure through 48 levels of increasing challenge. Will you...
  7. G

    Android Android build failed

    Hallo I hope there is someone that can help me. Everytime I want to build my game on my android device I get the following error. If there is someone that can help me it would be great. Here is the error I am getting: * What went wrong: Execution failed for task...