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  1. Dune Veteran

    Android Castle Builder | crafting strategy early access (Android)

    Hello everyone, so I'm finally finishing off my first "real" game - and would greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports. I've launched open testing stage on Google Play today, with the goal of gathering as much feedback as possible while I finish off some stuff like quests...
  2. wilmer

    GMS 2.3+ Screen resolution for current mobile games [ SOLVED ]

    Hello Greetings, quick question, I made my mobile game at a resolution of 1280 x 720 horizontal, but I see that the game does not fill the width of the screen, leaving black borders on the sides, what scale or resolution are mobile games using at the moment ?
  3. Dune Veteran

    Android Lawn Mower Tycoon | Grass Cutting Simulator with Idle Progression

    Hi everyone, a month ago, I left my regular job and decided to try my luck as a solo game dev - and now I finally have a first simple game live on the Google Play Store which I would like to share with you: Lawn Mower Tycoon (Android)...

    Demo Dynasty Rush (alpha) [Seeking feedback/Advice] | Android APK

    Hello GameMaker Community, After a few months of hard work, here is my first attempt on making my first commercial project. Being worked on Solely by me, for now it presents cheap illustrations and other minor issues. But what I am looking for is not for a bug report or what could look better...
  5. MAkt

    Free [Android] Jetorama

    Jetorama is an arcade jet racing game. You fly a jet trough three types of horizontal scolling levels: - Racing (stationary and moving obstacles) - Bad (city-themed levels where the bad guys hunt you and shoot with rockets) - Cop (city-themed levels where the cops are trying to block and...
  6. L

    Asset - Project Selling my mobile games

    If anyone is interested i am selling my games(included designs) listed below. Doodle Blob - Doodle Arrow - -...
  7. Nocturne

    Free Mesh - iOS, Android and PC

    This is one the games I think I'm most proud of... It has a very simple gameplay loop, but is dynamic, fun to play and has really nice graphics and sound (the music is by Kubbi and rocks!). However I let it slide with the updates and the game has been removed from the various stores that I had...
  8. C

    Screen size stuff, I don't get it :( [SOLVED (sort of)]

    Hi! So I'm making a mobile game and have prototyped it for Windows and it works exactly as intended. Now, to prep it for mobiles (android) I've been implementing virtual_key_add() to use as taps on the screen. It seems to work fine except for the coordinates. I'm adding the virtual keys in the...
  9. zielok

    Cannon ship

    Hi, I almost complete my new game for iOS and Android devices This game will be available 11.17.2018
  10. D

    Android Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting Survival

    TITLE Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting Survival GENRE Shooter SUMMARY Stay Alive: Zombie Crafting Survival is a FREE game of action, construction, survival and shooting in which you only have 1 goal: kill zombies and survive 1 post-apocalyptic night more. A virus has caused a deadly pandemic...
  11. D

    Android how to present a new way to game

    for the last couple years ive been developing a game...and maybe game is the wrong term...but stick with me for a minute. it's a text based game played through text msges. and yes I mean simple txt msges sent from mobile phones. what started as a bunch of tech wizardry that I was told wouldn't...
  12. T

    Android Survival Road - Can you survive? (seeking feedback)

    Survival Road (Android) Seeking feedback - I haven't let anyone play it other than myself until now. The demo is pretty short and placeholders have been added for the time being. The idea behind the game was to make something really challenging but fun. Almost like a interactive story with...
  13. Y

    GML My ball keeps getting stuck to the wall and paddles[GM:S]

    I'm making a pong like game for android and I've got some issues with collisions between the ball and walls and between the ball and paddles. The ball keeps getting stuck at corners and also in between the paddle and the wall... Here's what it looks like getting stuck at a corner ...
  14. W

    Portfolio - Art (For Hire) Wild Rooster GFX, Vector Artist

    Hi guys, I am a vector artist working with Art for many years, I wish to move to 3D and digital also, I have also done pixel for a few years also, I will add more as most of these images are from this year New start New Art I work for $11.50USD per hour, But if you email me at...
  15. T

    Legacy GM Need Help with Virtual Keys in Mobile Game

    ~So I am developing a mobile game through GM:Studio, but I am having some issues. I am going to try and make is a clear as possible: There is a start button on my game and I placed a virtual key to cover it. When I try it on one phone it is positioned correctly, but when I try it on a different...
  16. J

    Android Belimadh's Space

    Hello guys, I'm new to video game development, but I've always been delighted with the gamemaker platform, recently I've uploaded the google playstore my first game for the android platform and soon for ios, I'd love for them to take a walk around there and download it Please give me feedback I...