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  1. Christopher Risdon

    Android GMS Mobile compiler error.

    I have a game I am working on for mobile. I have the mobile license and have all the SDK and other files linked properly and showing green. When I try compiling the game I keep getting this issue: DoSplash System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported. at...
  2. R

    GMS 2 Google Play In-App Review API - Android

    Can this be implemented in gamemaker studio 2.3 for the android platform ?
  3. Y

    game_end() on IOS... help

    the function game_end() does not work on mobile devices. with which function do I achieve that when a button is pressed the game is also ended on ios
  4. YoSniper

    Legacy GM Multiple "mouse clicks" for mobile game

    Hello everyone. So I am very green when it comes to developing a game for a mobile device. I already have a game that is mostly done, but it would only work on a PC, with either a keyboard or a connected game controller. To create a mobile version, what I have thought to do would be to create...
  5. harambe1

    Android My OKAYEST decent mobile game (I think)

    Alright guys, so this is Soul Chase: Another World. It has been in development for a year and is almost complete now so I could really use some feedback! There's a free version of this in the Play Store but that one hasnt been updated much since release. This version is much more okayer than...
  6. wilmer

    Legacy GM Character stuck when using touch buttons, but does not get stuck with keyboards

    Greetings to all: Please help me on this, I am using skeletal animation. The problem is that the code that controls the gravity and collisions with the floor (the object of the floor is solid) works well with the keys assigned to move the character and jump (w, a, s, d, space etc.) , but since...
  7. Pfap

    iOS T-rex Panic

    T-Rex Panic is a fast paced competitive multiplayer puzzle game. Race against your opponent in a frenzy to fill your lightning meter, before they fill theirs. There are over 100 items to collect and the winner of each match can unleash the panic on their opponent with taunts that can be...
  8. R

    Android GMS2 Android Full Screen & Build Error

    My Android game is ready for beta testing however I can't seem to get the app to full screen. I am currently testing it on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and it currently fills up most of the screen but not all of it. Is this something hidden deep within the settings or a built-in function that must be...
  9. Steve Potts

    GM mobile

    hi folks, only just started using GM 2. Been playing around for a little bit with it. I`ve now got time on my hands .In the past, 40 odd years ago I published a couple of games (on cassette) .I`ve got some ideas for little games to start with.The sort you would get on an app store. I noticed the...
  10. NicoFIDI

    Alpha [WIP] Damned Tower: A casual rogue like.

    Damned Tower Genre: Roguelike, Dungeon crawler, Survival (resource management). GM version: GMS 1.4 Platforms: Android, Windows Download link ( v00_08_01 The game: The damned tower is a dungeon crawler where every move consumes energy, and when...
  11. S

    Design How Do You Usually Monetize Your Application?

    Hi to Everyone here in the GameMaker Community! I'm Sarah and I'm all new to the Mobile Game development world. Right now, I am looking for different ways to monetize an application/ a mobile application (well aside from having it as a paid application) - I don't think that having a mobile...