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    Click to move

    I wanted to make a click system to move to my player. I tried to use mp_pontential_step();, it worked but he doesn't find the shortest path, besides swapping sprites with 8 directions. Another thing ... I wanted my enemies to follow a path, and when they get close to the Player, start...
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    Need help on "MOBA" collision

    Hey all! I'm searching for many days on how can i do moba style collision. My game is a top-down game with click-to-move movements, i want to make collision which allow my player to "slide" on the walls, rocs, obstacle, and when i click on the map i want my player find the shortest path...
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    Alpha [udsh v0.1.893] [pre-alpha] - platformer MOBA in the making

    Hi all! My name is Ampersand, and I'm a long-time member of the Game Maker Community. I've been working with Game Maker on a hobby basis (maybe averaging a couple hundred hours per year or so) since GM 6.1. Recently, I've poured a lot more time into presenting myself with challenges to be...
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    Steam Take Thy Throne - Online Platformer

    LINKS: Official Website Steam Store Page Store Page SCREENSHOTS: ABOUT THE GAME: Take Thy Throne is an online sidescrolling tower defense game, which will costs around $3->$4. Currently we allow up to 6 players per match to enter a variety of gamemodes. Over time we will allow...