1. jobjorgos

    Team Request Looking for level editiors! - Huge Open World Top-Down RPG - [GMS 1.4 only]

    Empire of the Wicked a magical challenging indie top-down RPG in a huge online open world where you have to dismantle the Empire of the Wicked by: leveling up, completing quests, training skills, slaying bosses and collecting items/equipment. Platform: PC - Steam (early acces right now)...
  2. Bukmand

    Asset - Project MMO Engine

    Test the project: Features: Keyboard press networking send, instead of every frame. Server sided moving enemy. Global chat. Player vs player Coordinations are updated every while if any problem happens. Smart double login protection...
  3. H

    Discussion GMS2 suitable for cross platform browser based mmorpg?

    Hello community, as the title suggests I am curious if GMS2 is a suitable platform for a rather ambitious project I have been planning for a while now. I need the following Intuitive development environment that grows with my skill levels and the projects scope Be exportable in a format that...
  4. Jihl

    GML How to use Room chunking in GM Network?

    Hey there all! I have been developing an open-world wanna be project, I asked if a game like tibia would be makeable in gamemaker and many people answered that it IS possible, but it is a really big task. I am well aware that it is a big task but I, anyways, want to know about this issue...
  5. Jihl

    Windows Two Souls - An online action RPG

    Hey there fellow members! :) Today I will show you a project we have been developing for the past 5 months with a friend of mine, We are a programmer and an artist. The game is named Two Souls and is heavily inspired in Ragnarok and Tibia. Also the GM community has helped me greatly working on...
  6. U

    Asset - Project Stick World Online (GMS 2 <- 1.4)

    Stick World Online Asset Stick World Online [v2] (SWO) is an online multiplayer open-world platformer stick-figure game with RPG elements. SWO is a project I started in 2011 (based on v1 which I started in 2009, old video of v1 can be found here: ). The game was later abandoned in 2012 after I...
  7. S

    Kings of the Sea

    Hello everyone, I am new here and have this Idea in mind, I do not have much experience in game making so I hope someone will pick this idea up and make something useful out of it. I've played WoW for quite a long time and really liked it, I am also a fan of One Piece and Dragonball...
  8. T

    Game Maker Capabilities for making an Open-World MMORPG discussion

    Hey there all! I'm fairly new to game maker but not new to progamming languages and other "game maker" programs such as Unity. My dream (as many others I'm pretty sure have too) is to make an MMORPG with the ideas I have in mind, thus, I, proclaim myself a good critic of MMORPG's. Right now...
  9. X

    Windows RagnumWorld I - Download Now (Updated 1.0.1)

    Name: RagnumWorld I Version: 1.0.1 Platform: Game Maker Studio 1.4 Description: Explore this amazing world RPG where there will be several monsters to battle, multiple quests for you to win many rewards and many items for your indestructible hero! Choose your hero name and come to know this...
  10. J

     Aktena Online

    Hello my name is Jon and I would like to share my project that my friend and I have been working on for quiet some time. The game is Aktena. About the game Aktena is a MMORPG where the client is being written in Game Maker Studios 1.4 and the server is being written in java. Players are in a...
  11. C

    Forum Game Need a source MMORPG GMK8

    Hello everyone, my name is Surfen. And I still use Game Maker 8.0 Pro Is there a GMK source for MMORPG? for GM8 I want to create a new project from now Please guide me:)
  12. P

    Is GMnet Engine able to help with MMORPG games?

    I'm having fun with this engine for couple last days, and it's very good, but i can't find one answer for my question. Do you think, i can use this networking engine for creating some simple MMORPG games? Maybe i didn't notice but looks like i cant save any data on server with this? Do you...
  13. K

    How do i update my Network Players sprite_index

    Hi, so I'm relatively new to game development and I'm currently developing an MMO and so far have multiple clients successfully connecting to my server. My local player object moves correctly and has the correct sprite movements (up,down,left,right). but I'm having a little difficulty in making...
  14. S

    Alpha E.L.F. | Super Smash-like game

    The E.L.F. Project The E.L.F. project began as an idea to create Super Smash Bros.-ish game, but with more. Like a storyline, in pixelart, fully costumizable characters and online functions. I'm a HUGE fan of the Super Smash-series, so I want to give this game an in-depth fighting system...
  15. N

    Synchronizing NPC-s in multiplayer rpg

    I had been working on a multiplayer game for a while and i was thinking about how could i synchronize NPCs without sending to match data from the server, and i made really good solution ( at least i think i have ). I have 'game world time' in game and i calculate that time from UTC time and it...
  16. M

    Team Request Looking for Pixel Artist

    Hi, im currently looking for a pixel artist for a mmorpg. the game is called Champions Of Grimzar this is a profit share job, i have nothing to give you but motivation/kindness/experience as of right now looking for a style similar to this...