1. RizbIT

    Mirror Mirror On The World

    Something for you guys to try, little experiment, maybe best to try it during daytime.... You will need a phone with selfie cam a biggish mirror sometime small like a small sticker or tiny piece of blue tack. place a tiny object like blue tack on the phone screen and the same thing onto a...
  2. C

    GMS 2 Reflection of GMS 2 Surface on Layer

    Howdy folks, I've been working on a new project that I could use some help on. I've got a character wearing a helmet with a visor, and I'd like to put a reflection on that visor. I'd like that visor to reflect the pixels in front of this character's face, and draw those pixels on a lower layer...
  3. N

    Question - IDE How to mirror in pixel edit? Or how to combine frames?

    Hello, I am trying to mirror a pixel art within the pixel editor. I notice the tool that looks like this: <|> but it seems when I click it, it does not remain highlighted and instead I am still using the regular pencil tool. I have also made a duplicate frame of what I want to mirror and gone...
  4. M

    Path condition

    How to write the condition when the sprite Collision with x and y of path change to mirror ?
  5. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Drawing a sprite on another sprite?

    This is a bit of a tricky one. I'm trying to make a mirror that reflects playable characters. Here are the [basic] sprites (scaled up 5x): They are both 18x24 sprites; "spr_mirror" is the left one, and "spr_mirror_2" is the right one. This is how they work in obj_mirror's draw event...
  6. Luke Pierson

    Mirroring X and Y in multiplayer

    hey so I have this multiplayer online game with clients talking to a server and then the server relaying the other client's orders back to their opponent etc. Here's my problem: my map is vertical and I can't have one player moving down and the other up (at least not in their view) What I'm...
  7. A

    amariah public beta

    Hi everyone! So I've been working on a free alternative for doing mirror/symmetrical drawing and created "amariah" using Game Maker Studio. I've used it to create images for games made in Unity, 3D Game Studio, and of course Game Maker Studio and some games are freely downloadable on the main...
  8. P

    Legacy GM Coding Problem - obj_playmir code doesn't properly imitate obj_player?

    So, yesterday I experimented with some code for a small game I'm working on, and the code is supposed to make a "mirror copy" of the player imitate the player. For the most part, the code works, but I'm having difficulties with the jump for the mirror player (let's call it "playmir"). See, when...
  9. A

    Horizontally Mirror View?

    I am new at this and I just figured out view_angle so I use that to vertially flip the view but what I want to do is completely horizontally flip the view of my room. How do I achieve it? Thankyou in advance
  10. Dragon47

    Asset - Shaders 3D Mirrors

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/srt7uf3dd5yyblu/3D+Mirrors.exe This asset lets you easily implement 3D mirrors into your game. The code is written in GML, but an extra (optional) DLL is used for optimization on windows targets. The mirrors have a customizable reflection depth...