1. yvodlyn

    GML mini map on infinite parallax (view/room)

    Hello everyone! For my game, I made a mini map. Everything work. However there issue I can't solve. When the game start, we can see objects on the mini map. however, as the game room/view has no limit, objects from the mini map go away (the leave the mini map) I would like to know if someone...
  2. M

    Minimap problem

    Hey, so in my game i'm using Minimap with following codes: Create: x1=0 y1=0 x2=room_width y2=room_height //these set the bounding box for the view of the mimap. //if x1 and y1 are 0 //and x2 and y2 are the room's size, the minimap will show every object in the room height=150 width=200 //this...
  3. A Random Creator

    Optimizing drawing a grid

    Hello everyone! I have a relatively simple issue. I'm currently creating a rts style game, and I have a "Fog of War" which is stored in a grid. It works fine currently, however I'm having a major issue with the lag. Drawing the fog on screen is pretty simple, I just have to draw the few squares...
  4. Michael McMullen

    GMS 2 Making and Displaying a Minimap

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: N/A Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary Using an array we can create a simple minimap system that will work for all sorts of games such as dungeons, or even platformers. In this video we create two simple minimaps that will live in the corner of our...
  5. P

    Windows Minimap freezing the game

    Event Draw GUI, o_MiniMap Room 5000x5000, 30 objects in GM if background_index=background0 or background_index=2{ draw_set_color(c_white) draw_set_alpha(0.90) draw_rectangle(xp,yp,xp+width,yp+height,false) draw_set_alpha(0.80) draw_set_color(c_white)}else{ draw_set_color(c_black)...
  6. Annoyed Grunt

    GMS 2 Reusable Automatic Map/Minimap

    GM Version: GameMaker: Studio 2 (v2.2.3.344) Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: Summary In this tutorial, we will explore a simple solution for the creation of a...
  7. J

    How can I set the transparency of a view?

    Im making a map with a minimap, but the minimap is a view of the room, but smaller. The player can get behind the view, and this is all good, but now I cant see the player. Can I make the view transparent so I can see the map, and the player? If this isnt possible, what should I do to make...
  8. Just a game programmer

    GML Minimap to show enemies

    I am creating a minimap for the game I am working on. I have set up a minimap square 1 tenth of the size of the room. I have a smaller version of the player moving at the player's position/10. That works fine but since I have multiple enemies this doesn't work for the enemies. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Creating a minimap

    I've thrown the original problem and the solution into their own spoiler buttons so the answer is easily found, but so the problem can also still be read. to my system, to no avail, since I couldn't find a way to get the locations of objects/tiles to actually end up on the map, though I am...
  10. B

    Help with Radar/Minimap and drawing it to the screen.

    Hi, My current project is a top down shooter. I have an NPC object which I would like to have displayed on a Radar/Minimap. I would like the NPC object to be represented as a red square on said Radar/Minimap. I have tried many different solutions that i have come across online. All of them do...
  11. Dharmatrooper

    GMS 2 Minimap with "revealing" feature and clipping to viewport only when minimized

    Is there any tutorials on subject or good explanations? So far i managed to create a minimap from the room. I have some issues like for some reason it does not follow my camera view and only shows top-left part of the room for some reason. (that's another question: how do you scan through...
  12. R

    GMS 2 Circle/Round minimap (view)

    Hello, I have created a minimap by creating a second view in the room wich is placed in the right upper corner. But i would like to make it round and i have no idea where to start. Can someone help me a little bit, show me wich functions i could use to do something like that?
  13. T

    3D (Solved) Memory leak.

    I have a memory leak in my minimap object, but I can't find it, any help would be appreciated Here is my code: /* I have all my objects visible from the map, set to a child of par_minimap. */ //CREATE EVENT FOR MINIMAP OBJECT oSurface = surface_create(400,400); //STEP EVENT FOR MINIMAP OBJECT...
  14. S

    Legacy GM (Slightly Solved) Minimap - Working [Another Issue]

    Final Result for NON ROTATING Minimap. You may use the code if you like, located under this screenshot. Otherwise if you are here to help out on my 2nd problem start scrolling down. Code if anyone is interested. 2 Objects required, written in BOLD. This is just my setup, I am not sure if it is...