1. Zuurix

     Light of the Locked World - 0.3.0 - Ambitious fantasy RPG

    Light of the Locked World is an ambitious RPG with local multiplayer, inspired by oldschool MMOs. Planned features: Role-based progression system inspired by systems found in RuneScape, Skyrim, Ultima Online, and other games Gain experience in ten roles, level up, gain points, and spend them...
  2. Red Phantom

    GML How to minimise megabytes of game throughout development?

    Just a general question, in what different ways can I condense the data of my game so that it has lesser or minimal megabytes as the final? Some steps I already follow are: --Any sprite that will not be used in objects, create as a background instead --Convert any backgrounds into a...
  3. J

    Windows CLOSURE - Arcade Hardcore Game CLOSURE is a minimalistic hardcore experience based on Pong. Use the mouse position on the screen to control four pads and keep the virtual ball from going off-screen for 10 minutes. You either can do it or you can't. I tried to keep it as simple and well...
  4. Marko Raos

    Android / Amazon Fire I Hate Dots! an experiment in minimalism Heya! Here's my attempt at making a valid and entertaining game from as simple a gameplay concept as possible. I've got a full drive of half-finished "big" (read "complicated" ) personal GMS projects so I decided to take a break...
  5. L

    How to make minimalistic objects?

    Hey there, first of all: I´m from Germany so please excuse my bad english. Now the question: How i can make minimalistic objects and curves in GM as shown in this Video (at 1:00): How can i make that These curves are smooth? Leon Krieger