1. Zuurix

     Light of the Locked World - 0.5.3 - RPG - Play demo!

    Light of the Locked World is a fantasy role-playing game. Enter a developing world of Kayos, try to find a place in it, and become entangled in a fight against an existential threat. Planned features Open and atmospheric world: Freely roam in a world with lively settlements, vast meadows...
  2. Red Phantom

    GML How to minimise megabytes of game throughout development?

    Just a general question, in what different ways can I condense the data of my game so that it has lesser or minimal megabytes as the final? Some steps I already follow are: --Any sprite that will not be used in objects, create as a background instead --Convert any backgrounds into a...
  3. J

    Windows CLOSURE - Arcade Hardcore Game CLOSURE is a minimalistic hardcore experience based on Pong. Use the mouse position on the screen to control four pads and keep the virtual ball from going off-screen for 10 minutes. You either can do it or you can't. I tried to keep it as simple and well...
  4. M

    Android I Hate Dots! an experiment in minimalism Heya! Here's my attempt at making a valid and entertaining game from as simple a gameplay concept as possible. I've got a full drive of half-finished "big" (read "complicated" ) personal GMS projects so I decided to take a break...
  5. L

    How to make minimalistic objects?

    Hey there, first of all: I´m from Germany so please excuse my bad english. Now the question: How i can make minimalistic objects and curves in GM as shown in this Video (at 1:00): How can i make that These curves are smooth? Leon Krieger