1. ArudanIsMe

    Design Adding a Minigame in a game?

    I know its somewhat possible to add like say, you make main player go to an arcade and they play an arcade game.(pretty much adding a minigame in an rpg) Can someone tell me how Im supposed to do that? it would be one of those minigame where music plays and you try to match up to one of the...
  2. sv3nxd

    Team Request [Resolved] Wanna team up for a miniproject? (Programmer needed)

    Hey there! :) I'm searching for a programmer to work on a miniproject with. In the following you will find every information necessary. Who am I? My name is Sven, I'm 20 yrs old and live in germany. I'm a hobby-artist and hobby-gamedev - I use asesprite and gamemaker 1.4 What project? Up...
  3. K

    Idea Need ideas for mini games.

    I'm on making a trading simulation game, with a space theme. Kind of along the lines of the old drug wars games, where you buy and sell stuff to make as much profit as possible. During the game there will be random encounters, these will take the form of minigames. A couple of ideas I have...
  4. Widget

    Game Mechanics Attacks as minigames in your turn-based JRPGs

    I haven't seen them all too often, yet they appear in beloved JRPGs like Paper Mario (TTYD) and Final Fantasy X. A lot of the time it's as simple as pressing a button at the right time or it's a QTE. I'm just wondering what the general consensus of these minigames are. Are they obstructive? I...
  5. klys

    Android Princess Puzzle

    Princess Puzzle The minigame of princess! The story begin when a little girl is kinapped by a book she was reading getting trapped in that book where a person in a black suit with no any good intention seal all the princess in different madness minigames and puzzles, lucky for the princess...
  6. V

    Android Colorjoy - android game

    Colorjoy is a simple game for android devices inspired by a famous game 2048. The game was made in Game Maker Studio 1.4. Just match 3 squares of the same color! It's simple, but quite handy when you are bored on the toilet. I programmed this game gradually for a long time, but i released a...
  7. O

    Android Waves

    Hi all! I have published a new mini-game and invite you to try it. I've done this game to take a break with another game I'm doing. enjoy!
  8. Mercerenies

    Design Thoughts on Microgames

    Hi, So I'm working on an RPG that has turn-based combat. In order to spice up the combat and make it less luck-oriented, I've added minigames. Whenever you attack, a simple, 5-10 second minigame appears on the screen, and how well you do in the minigame determines how successful your attack is...
  9. M

    Free Minigame - "JUGGLE"

    Hey! So nice of you to read about my game. This is a Minigame by Spectrum (my label for creating games) called "JUGGLE". As the name suggests, it's about a juggler, trying to keep the balls off the floor. I designed the game to be reminiscent of old Game & Watch titles! HOW TO PLAY: Balls come...