mini map

  1. Adro

    draw_set_color not changing colour in drawGUI event for a radar

    Hi there, I'm making an asteroids clone to teach myself GM. I'm still pretty new to this whole thing, so I bet there's something simple I'm missing! :rolleyes: I have a radar in the top right cover, and it works, but the asteroids are showing up with the wrong colours and sizes. Weirdly the...
  2. Morne

    Asset - Demo [FREE] All GL assets until further notice!

    Hi, since about almost 2 years ago my band of merry men disbanded and Gamelancer is no longer active and I myself no longer have time to develop games I've decided to make all my marketplace assets free of charge. However, I'm not planning to support it, if you truly need help and if I have...
  3. W

    GML How do you make a Mini Map[SLOVED]

    I have been trying to make a game with a mini map but all the tutorials out there involve checking for objects when I am using a random world generator with ds-grids. I this from the Beast Heart Tutorials on how to do it, but with using the ds-grids idk how to add a mini-map. Here is my level...
  4. NicoFIDI

    GML [Solved] Help with Performant Minimap

    Halla everyone, today i need an advise over optimizing something that runs every frame. i'm obsessed with make a procedural generated world game, i have at least 2 world builders working and building a randomized world. now... in both cases i have the same issue. drawing a dinamic minimap it's...
  5. G

    Tiles Drawn from Different Backgrounds

    Okay so I've been developing my project for a while now and I basically have a very large map (10000 x 10000 pixels) with two views, one main view focusing on the player and a mini map drawn as a surface on the GUI layer. My entire background is tiled and what I now want to do is be able to...
  6. csanyk

    Asset - Extension mmap mini maps

    MMap Mini Maps is a paid asset that implements a powerful, robust mini map system which is highly customizable and extensible. I'm extremely proud of the code that I wrote for this asset, it is superbly well-documented and expressively coded. Even if you don't need a mini map system for your...