1. kraifpatrik

    Windows Minecraft but it's RTS (working title) - 3D RTS in GMS2

    A Minecraft-inspired 3D RTS. The goal is simple - gather resources, build an army and destroy the base of pigmen! The first version of the game was created in under 24 hours as a submission for the MinecraftJam, but the development continues! Controls: WASD - Move camera QE - Rotate camera...
  2. stevahnyo

    Terrain Generation help!!!

    A few years ago, with the help of "Shadowrend" I created a game called "Thin Miner" lost the files, and found it years later. I have been having EXTREME difficulty trying to fix a simple generation where there are random spaces in the terrain. id like to remove that and keep the terrain full...
  3. RollyBug

    GMC Minecraft Server

    The Unofficial GMC Minecraft Server In 2015 I and some other folks started a Minecraft server for this community. At this point we've had over 100 unique users log in. I invite you to join us on this rich and developed survival world. IP: gmc.rolybug.com Version: 1.16.5 Dynmap...
  4. phillipPbor

    Beta 2d minecraft

    EDENCRAFT prototype, i am remaking minecraft 2d from the tutoriel videos, but with physics. however its laggy so i need a beta tester. i had already tried the forums, but its not enough. EDENCRAFT 0.1.6 controls: WASD = move mouse = cursor LMB = destroy block RMB = create block R button =...
  5. phillipPbor

    GMS 2.3+ Dropping fps

    I'm going back to the community to talk to you about the, I just followed the part 4 of minecraft game maker tutoriel. Apparently, the game fps kepted dropping to 0 when ever I move to left or right in a render. Plus as I venture forward, fps decrease a bit more.
  6. phillipPbor

    GMS 2.3+ screen problem.

    i happend to stumble upon a problem that i cant fix, recently i was making 2D tarraria with game maker studio 2 but while making a game, i found out the problem is that off-screen is black. after following the tutorial of minecraft part 3 here following tutorials from the other user here i...
  7. TheGameDevGuy

     Voxel Engine

    Hey everyone, i've decided that it was about time to make a little post about this engine that i've been working on for the past couple of days. I plan on releasing the source code on the marketplace, and itch.io but before i do so i would like to show off some of the progression :D LINK...
  8. newtinn

    Free Ginger Nature | Sandbox!

    Ginger Nature is a small sandbox game based around a small gingerbread man. I made this in one day (20/12/2018) and I thought it went pretty well! All the keys are shown when you open the game, but if you need the keys here they are: - W, A and D to move - Z & X to change blocks (shown in top...
  9. IGameArt

    Asset - Graphics Alien Craftworld Pack: $2.99

    Hey guys, released another asset pack. I hope you like it! I had a good time making these, and I hope that you enjoy them. What would you like to see in possible future packs?
  10. Simon Gust

    Alpha Desolation of the Heron

    Desolation of the Heron is a part time project of mine. The game name is out of context and more or less just random words put together. The game is a 2D randomly generated side-scroller adventure game and heavily inspired by Terraria and Minecraft. As of now, there isn't much of gameplay...
  11. L

    How to generate a world?

    I have a what is a 2d, top down, adventure/exploration game in a 32x32 block style. My question is where to begin with creating a world? Currently with a small map I create a 32x32 instance at every point in the map, and then check its distance to other randomly placed objects such as...
  12. FeetUpGaming

    Legacy GM Multiple textures from one background

    Hey i was just curious is there a way to get multiple textures from the same background by putting in the coordinates, width and height of the place on the background to get a texture from it. I'm trying to replicate the way Minecraft handles it's mob textures by having that single image for...
  13. H

    Legacy GM Making Minecraft in Game Maker using D3D

    Hello! I am trying to make a voxel-ish kind of game (a Minecraft clone, basically) in Game Maker Studio using the 3D functionality already present. I have come about this far; ... I can run, jump, crouch and sprint. I can also look around 360* and collision works like a charm. Next thing I...
  14. M

    3D Minecraft Clone how to?

    Hello all, i was looking to make a Minecraft clone in Game Maker mainly because: 1, i know my way around in gamemaker the most over any other program, 2, it's much easier to create terrain and 2D sprites from game maker (in my opinion), 3, i can import pseudo 3D models from MagicaVoxel for...
  15. T

     Quinlin - Test Exe

    Hey guys I need some feedback to this game I've been working on off and on for the past year or so, its called Quinlin, it is an Atari style adventure game about a young man who explores the world in search of a dream to make a future for his family, the player takes control of Quinlin and...
  16. H

    Sky Forge by Hanprogramer

    Mine, Craft, Build, Survive, and more! Sky Forge is a game that made the world of game into your canvas, your blocks is your brush use them to paint the world. there's more feaetures comming in the feature! Download link down bellow! Feel free to comment what is your idea for the next update...
  17. T

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Texture From Sprite Sheet?

    I've realized the question I had was a misunderstanding, so I've erased it. Sorry for wasting some peoples time.
  18. G

    Room size like Terraria.

    Hi everyone, I am creating a game more than anything to learn, like terraria, but I have a problem, I don't Know how render 10.000x10.000 objects array in the room as each object is a part of the map (land, water, sand ...). The main idea is to create a huge room and put a smaller view but may...
  19. J

    Asset - Scripts Sprite to Voxel - Easily convert sprites to 3D models with a few script calls

    Hi everyone! I've recently finished an asset I've been working on to make 3D models out of flat 2D sprites (by splitting the sprite into layers and stacking them together). It even works for animated sprites (converting them into animated models)! Sprite to Voxel on the Marketplace...
  20. T

    Windows Quinlin: Atari Style Adventure! OPEN ALPHA

    Quinlin Welcome everyone to my latest WIP from Thunder Life! With the completion and release of Photonica, I have learnt many new things and am ready to move on to a love project. Quinlin is an adventure game where you play as the protagonist of the same name. You must adventure the world around...