1. Tony Brice

    Released My new game - Tommy Gunn - is now available.

    Hi guys, I've now released my eighth game using GMS 2 and put it up for free on The version uploaded there is currently the same build as I submitted for the latest SyntaxBomb coding game competition but I'm possibly going to build on it, as I had to axe a few parts just to make the...
  2. jb skaggs

    Discussion I saw a game ad that ...

    I saw a game ad that really grabbed my attention. It was a just a single non animated ad. The artwork made it look like it was it was a 2d military rpg similar in artwork to Okami. I hadnt seen such a game, so I clicked on it it took me to a generic 3d engine asset flipper shooter- I was...
  3. M

    Portfolio - Audio Dark, action, military soundtracks

    Hi! I am little-known composer, but working hard. Here some of my new works that may be useful for epic, military and grim scenes. If this is interesting you please let me know. Many thanks in advance.