1. T

    GML Is it possible to interpret midi-sequences as code?

    Hello, everybody. First time poster here, I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong board, or something of the sort. I'm gonna try not to make this too complicated. I'm currently working on a project with rhythm game mechanics similar to the ones found in games like Guitar Hero. (Basically...
  2. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music you can customize to your needs

    I have MIDI files you can customize in a workstation to fit your needs. You can take these files and add beats, edit the notes, assign the instruments, etc. Here are some examples of what you can do. All I did with these is assign instruments and add beats (no other editing): Cobblestone...
  3. A

    Itty Bitty Music Format for 1.35 MB Game (and other related questions)

    Since getting game maker and beginning my scheme, and perhaps with some generous influence from watching a lot of videos on retro tech, I've decided to keep the scope of my game small - enough so to fit on a 3.5" floppy, to be exact. I decided on this partly to keep myself from going overboard...