1. RizbIT

    Windows UWP IAP

    Microsoft rejected a UWP app as i used paypal to handle IAP They say you must use microsoft to handle IAP i read the GMS docs and it says you have to the IAP extension for that platform looked on marketplace and can only iap extensions for Amazon, Apple and Android so does GMS2 not support...
  2. A

    Windows Windows pop-ups after pressing RUN [SOLVED]

    This is very sily post (as it should be, it's my first ^_^), anyway: any time I try to run my game, by pressing run button or F5 windows shows this pop-up on the right of the screen: It's in polish, don't bother translate it. In my system options, all notifications are turned off, yet only...
  3. K12gamer

    Opinion Your thoughts on the XBOX Series X unveil...(plus thoughts on PS5)...

    Microsoft unveiled it's XBOX Series X at a recent Game Awards show. It looks very good to me. It looks to be more than 3x smaller than my PC...but 25+ times more powerful. Amazed they can fit that kind of power in such a compact design. I honestly wish it came with Windows 10 plus free Microsoft...
  4. K12gamer

    Google vs Microsoft

    Who's Winning? :eek:
  5. K12gamer

    Are there any GameMaker games in the Windows App Store?

    If you know of any GameMaker games in the Microsoft App Store...can you post a link. I have the GameMaker UWP module...and I'm slowly learning how to put games in Microsoft's store. It's seems to be slightly more complicated than putting a game on sites like and Gamejolt. Thankfully GM...
  6. K

    Is there a way to export to Xbox One without UWP module

    As far as I know, the Xbox One export module costs 800 dollars. Which is quite expensive, too expensive for me. I also already had to pay for Microsoft Dev Account. So isn't there another way to export to Xbox One?
  7. giraffeman210

    How do I make my file into an msix or appx file?

    I am trying to publish my GMS2 game on the microsoft store but it needs to me an msix file or an appx file. I have a developer licence but it only downloads as an exe file. How do I do it? Thanks!
  8. N

    Legacy GM [EDITED}

    I think i am going to see if there is some built - in alternatives that GM:S 1.4 has.
  9. appleWolf

    Discussion I fell for an April Fool's joke

    Back in 2015, Microsoft announced that they were going to release their own Linux distro. Somehow, over the course of the years, I interpreted this to mean that they were going to eventually going to turn one of their brand names, Azure, into a Linux distro. I forgot that it was "just a prank...
  10. D

    UWP Store submission rejected because of "back button"

    Hi my newest App submission in the Windows store and I got this feedback: I got this problem since the beginning: How can I handle the Back Button in UWP (Hardware button on phones & the back button on tablet mode on a PC)? When you press the button without optimization the App just closes...
  11. K12gamer

    Do I need UWP to release Desktop Only Games in Microsoft store?

    Just purchased GM2 Professional + HTML add in for $149 total (Discounted because I already had the GMS versions). The UWP module ($400) is out of my price range...but I have several educational games I wanted to put in Microsoft's App Store. I just need Windows Desktop...and don't plan on...
  12. J

    Windows [Help] Gamemaker Studio 2 won't start

    Hey, so I had already used the Gamemaker 1.4 version and I'm thinking I want to update and buy Gamemaker Studio 2. I just downloaded GMS2 to try the Trial Version to make sure there wasn't a giant issue and, lo and behold, there was! When I start to run it, the start page, the circle loads and...
  13. C

    Microsoft Live Event 2016 perhaps interesting for somebody. Paint 3D just got presented