1. S

    Space Cat Wizard: [Update 19: Save Slots]

    I am doing a game jam to enhance my platformer engine. The last 1 week game enhanced it a lot and at the end I have something quality. With this in mind I set an unachievable goal... MetroidVania in 7 days. I've made smaller MetroidVanias in the same amount of time, but that was with an artist...
  2. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio Seeking Metroidovania SFX, Ambience & Music Composer

    Hello to all! I am seeking a composer who could create audio as mention the title above. Further information of style...etc. will be provided upon reaching me through Discord. Link: Please state name, price/ rate and other important information. Regards AC
  3. gamedev4life

    Design What do you think about the "air-bounce" mechanic for my character's new air attack?

    Hello game devs, I'm just looking for feedback on this new attack I made for my game. Thanks!
  4. CasePortman

    Flynn: Son of Crimson [KICKSTARTER]

    - We're now on Kickstarter - Click the image above or the link here Hey guys, I'm Case, Programmer and Design for Flynn: SoC, a 2D metroidvania styled action platformer. I've been designing this game alongside my game dev partner Simon under the company...
  5. T

    Windows ProJect -Y- (Action RPG, side scroller)

    >Project -Y-, wth is it? Project -Y- is a semi-open world, story driven 2d action rpg (there isn't any exp mechanic, however.) >Sounds more like a metroidvania platformer then an rpg, what are you rambling about? It has these elements, but there are ways of progressing your character...
  6. C

     Occultus Command

    This is a 2D sci-fi, action, exploration platformer similar to metroidvania titles. At first the game had sprites drawn by me, but after many complained about the inconsistency of the sprites, I took a hiatus and took some 3D animation courses (I fell in love with Blender even though they taught...
  7. I

    How to make Symphony of The Night Inventory? and extra stuff

    Hey I've been searching for tutorials on how to make an inventory like Castlevania: Symphony of The Night and there is nothing. i'm working/planning on a Metroidvania game and im hoping to make a inventory like SoTN or at least Zelda 1 thanks in advance :) *Edit* after picturing what type of...
  8. gamedev4life

    Team Request (rev share) Need skilled programmer for metroidvania game

    Hello all, my name is Ruben and I recently had a falling out with my programmer and decided it would be best for me to take my sprites and designs and move on. So here I am. I have a mountain of awesome sprites and cool game features but now no programmer and no game :( But, there is hope: YOU...
  9. S

    HTML5 Dustrider

    Hey guys! Please check out my new game, Dustrider, on newgrounds: And please let me know what you think about it. It's my first game I've published on my own. I did all art/music/programming. Thanks...
  10. Tonydaderp

    Alpha Nether: The Dying Village

    About a month ago, I quit my Zelda Lttp fangame . I decided it was time to make my own game, with my own characters and graphics. I am using a four colour base colour palette, because I am entering this game into the next Gameboy jam on ITCH and GAMEJOLT. I love this Gameboy style, so I decided...
  11. M

     Metnia Castle - The Space Castle (Test Demo)

    METNIA CASTLE By Mocgames998 This is what I've been working on recently. It's a metroidvania that's going to literally be Metroid + Iga's Castlevanias. The platform code is based on Zack Bell's tutorials, but with some...
  12. Tonydaderp

    Legacy GM Smoother view?

    Hey guys, right now, I am making my new game called Nether. It is a metroidvania style game, but there is one problem. The player has a variable for gravity called _gravity. However, the value is set to 0.8 when it needs to (typical game maker gravity stuff). There is a view that follows the...
  13. Drell

    Vericaly moving platforms - SOLVED

    I've got horizontal moving platforms working just fine, and I've got the vertical moving platforms working effectively when going up, but it's not as simple and smooth as the horizontal ones. However, when going down, he seems to think he's constantly landing and so creates dust and doesn't...
  14. R

    Metroid style map with different sized rooms

    Hey! I would like to make a Metroid style adventure game. My question is about the rooms, I would like to make my whole level separated as rooms. Just like in Metroid style games. Now, what I don't know is, how should I go from room to room. Or what would be the right way. The easy way I know...
  15. gamedev4life

    Team Request Need musician and or sound fx artists for a fantasy metroidvania game

    Hello composers and sound effects artists! Looking for ways to improve your portfolio? Looking to turn your musical and sound engineering skills into a pay check? Then join us! My name is Ruben (my portfolio: and I’m the creator and artists of my...
  16. D

    Alpha Beyond-Human - Sci-fi action platformer (demo coming soon)

    About Beyond Human is a Metroid-Like Sci-Fi platformer with combat inspired by Devil May Cry. Set in a world where alien conspiracies have become reality. Features Metroidvania Style Progression Environmental Storytelling 6 Locations to Explore 6 Boss Battles 10+ Mini-Boss Battles 30+...
  17. B

    Team Request Seeking Crew (Side Scrolling Platformer and Action RPG) Revenue Share

    Hello Yoyogames. I'm currently looking for motivated, passionate individuals to join me in creating a powerful, story driven game with a heavy emphasis on customizable character development and in game narrative. The gameplay will consist largely of side scrolling platforming and...
  18. P

    Beta Unbeliever

    This is a metroidvania. A difficult one. Download the beta on Gamejolt You start with nothing and fight your way to the top. The story is explained through the form of memories that you unlock by making progress in the game. You gain spells and experience to upgrade your stats. Your ultimate...