1. L

    Demo Crimson Fog

    Crimson Fog is a 2D action adventure game inspired by Metroid and Zelda II - Adventure of Link. You play as a bat named Ralph as he goes on an adventure to obtain 7 Crystal Medallions hidden in dungeons with the help of a cult known as the Crimson Fog. Along the way, there will be quests...
  2. JohnSebek

    Animation for 8 driection shooting

    Hello, so recently I want to fix my game shooting system by using the old school shooting like in Metroid. I have all programmed but I have no idea how to make the sprite to change when shooting in different directions.My player shoots in 8 directions: up,down,left,right,left,upright,down...
  3. NimNom1234

    Castlevania Fan Game

    Been working on the game for about 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone thinks this looks interesting :) This was after only one week of development, and I will be posting a video update every Saturday.
  4. JasonTomLee

    Free Witch Hazel- #Meta Jam

    A mysterious, odd platforming adventure with inspirations from the Metroidvania genre~ Made for the #Meta Game Jam Many parts had to get cut out because of a 2week time frame but Chase and I are working hard to make an official release happen! This is also my first completed game/jam so please...
  5. Apapappa

     Zordak [NEW DEMO 2020-02-01] [WINDOWS/LINUX]

    DEMO DOWNLOAD ( DEMO DOWNLOAD (Game Jolt) Zordak is a metroidvania, mostly inspired by Super Metroid. You explore, find items that help you along the way, discover secrets and more. You wake up from an unexpectedly long cryosleep, only to discover that this place is not what it's...
  6. F

    Vicious, Fateful Memories [Final game in Made with GM forum]

    [/IMG] I haven't posted on this project since the old site, but it was originally posted as 'project K' a mostly experimental horror game. The game is now nearly complete and I'd really appreciate any feed back in terms of what to tighten up before adding the final boss. In truth this was...
  7. MMM

    Released Code: Evolved and White Wolf Collection

    Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2 game is finally out! You can check it out on The story revolves around experiment performed on animals with crystallized life energy. Crystals can cause violent evolution, permanent physical pain, and mental instability on every...
  8. Meowanator

    Alpha CastleMaker: Alpha 4.0

    Castlevania Maker is a level editor based on the NES title, Castlevania. DOWNLOAD: Features: - Many placeable blocks and decorations. - Improved physics from Castlevania, yet still based on the original. - 64 tile wide levels Version History: A 1.0...
  9. D

    Under the Ivy - Souls'ian exploration platformer [DEMO]

    Hey guys, This is an exploration based platformer we started working on in June. Now with an actual name based on a Kate Bush song, ha ha. Explore a vast, hostile, interconnected world. Find items to boost your abilities. Build your character to tackle the challenges ahead. Demo consists of...
  10. Kealor

    Alpha Pure Blood: A Metroidvania Hack & Slash

    Welcome Thanks for checking this project out and i hope to pique your interest! To get access to to the most recent version of the demo check out the discord link at the bottom. We appreciate any and all advice or criticism as we have quite a long journey ahead of us! Overview Purity of Blood...
  11. T

    GMS 2 Metroidvania Rooms and Map

    I'm trying to wrap my head around two issues with creating a Metroidvania game. The first is knowing that it is possible for a player to be "created" in different parts of a room depending on how that room is approached, and the second is understanding how to create a map that represents the...
  12. Tonydaderp

     Nether: The Dying Village (version 0.2.3) 9/18/17

    Hello, everyone! I recently just finished a newer debug demo for my game Nether: The Dying Village. I have been working on this project for about seven months, but it is nowhere near completion. I am working on it as much as I can. A Short Description about Nether: The Dying Village It is a...
  13. E

    Windows Beyond-Human: Metroidvania Sci-Fi Hack&Slash platformer

    Game Info Beyond-Human is a combination of platformer and hack & slash combat inspired by the Megaman and Devil May Cry franchises. The combat may feel similar to people that have enjoyed Devil May Cry and Guacamelee. Combat is all about performing combos that are easy to perform but hard to...
  14. R

    GMS 2 Metroidvania Room Manager (SOLVED)

    I can't seem to find anything knowledgeable on the topic.... How would I create a Metroidvania Room Manager? To simplify this question... how could I create several exits that lead to different rooms? Here is my code for the manager: current_room = room; switch(current_room){ case...
  15. S

    Space Cat Wizard: [Update 19: Save Slots]

    I am doing a game jam to enhance my platformer engine. The last 1 week game enhanced it a lot and at the end I have something quality. With this in mind I set an unachievable goal... MetroidVania in 7 days. I've made smaller MetroidVanias in the same amount of time, but that was with an artist...
  16. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio Seeking Metroidovania SFX, Ambience & Music Composer

    Hello to all! I am seeking a composer who could create audio as mention the title above. Further information of style...etc. will be provided upon reaching me through Discord. Link: Please state name, price/ rate and other important information. Regards AC
  17. gamedev4life

    Design What do you think about the "air-bounce" mechanic for my character's new air attack?

    Hello game devs, I'm just looking for feedback on this new attack I made for my game. Thanks!
  18. CasePortman

    Flynn: Son of Crimson [KICKSTARTER]

    - We're now on Kickstarter - Click the image above or the link here Hey guys, I'm Case, Programmer and Design for Flynn: SoC, a 2D metroidvania styled action platformer. I've been designing this game alongside my game dev partner Simon under the company...
  19. T

    Windows ProJect -Y- (Action RPG, side scroller)

    >Project -Y-, wth is it? Project -Y- is a semi-open world, story driven 2d action rpg (there isn't any exp mechanic, however.) >Sounds more like a metroidvania platformer then an rpg, what are you rambling about? It has these elements, but there are ways of progressing your character...
  20. C

     Occultus Command

    This is a 2D sci-fi, action, exploration platformer similar to metroidvania titles. At first the game had sprites drawn by me, but after many complained about the inconsistency of the sprites, I took a hiatus and took some 3D animation courses (I fell in love with Blender even though they taught...