1. E

    Windows (literally fourth game) Can't make the character walljump in Metroid Fan Game

    So, this is literally my fourth game ever, and i want to make a metroid fangame. I followed a basic tutorial, and changed the controls to make it feel like Super Metroid (gravity, Gamepad, Jump height, etc) and i don't know how to make a WallJump (on the same wall) Help? {...
  2. NimNom1234

    Castlevania Fan Game

    Been working on the game for about 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone thinks this looks interesting :) This was after only one week of development, and I will be posting a video update every Saturday.
  3. X

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Vaguely SuperMetroid-style map

    I'm trying to make a map for my platformer game and I'm stuck in the planning phase because I'm not really sure what a good way to go about doing it is. I know pretty well what I want it to do. I want the full map of the area to appear in grey and then light up with a color once the room has...
  4. E

    Windows Beyond-Human: Metroidvania Sci-Fi Hack&Slash platformer

    Game Info Beyond-Human is a combination of platformer and hack & slash combat inspired by the Megaman and Devil May Cry franchises. The combat may feel similar to people that have enjoyed Devil May Cry and Guacamelee. Combat is all about performing combos that are easy to perform but hard to...
  5. I

    How to make Symphony of The Night Inventory? and extra stuff

    Hey I've been searching for tutorials on how to make an inventory like Castlevania: Symphony of The Night and there is nothing. i'm working/planning on a Metroidvania game and im hoping to make a inventory like SoTN or at least Zelda 1 thanks in advance :) *Edit* after picturing what type of...
  6. R

    Metroid style map with different sized rooms

    Hey! I would like to make a Metroid style adventure game. My question is about the rooms, I would like to make my whole level separated as rooms. Just like in Metroid style games. Now, what I don't know is, how should I go from room to room. Or what would be the right way. The easy way I know...
  7. A

    Legacy GM How to code metroid-style room transitions

    Hi there everyone. Im Apsel of Team Synchro Project. Im looking for a solid method for creating metroid style room transitions in game maker studio. Our project is open world and i'd like to make the areas connect like a metroid game. here's some footage of the game that is kind of old.