1. M

    GM wont let me do this

    i did a dialogue system, it works with message[0] = bla, message[1] = bla bla etc... so i did this message[0] = "You ate a " + food + " " + m + " " + global.heal + "remaining" food its a random food, m its a comment based on the chosed food, global.heal is the remaining foods, but it wont let...
  2. Dr_Nomz

    Message at mouse tutorial?

    I saw a tutorial a long time ago showing how to make a message appear at the mouse, like when you hover over in object (Like in Fallout, or literally any FPS for example.) but now I have no idea where it is or how to do that. Can anyone help me out? It sounds really simple.
  3. zbox

    Asset - Scripts [FREE] Get String Async Helper

    Marketplace: Category: Scripts Price: Free Modules: All Description: Ever since get_string() and the like were deprecated I've always been annoyed that there is no relatively simple, single line way of getting user input, sometimes with multiple questions. This script...
  4. GoRoy

    Asset - Project textboxy - simple textboxes (GMS2)

    GitHub | Download | Marketplace textboxy is a simple message system for GameMaker Studio 2. Using a queue made up of commands, you construct a message tree and then execute them in order. You can download an example project (the .zip file) or look at the example code. Features A global config...
  5. R

    GMS 2 (Solved) How to stop object movement caused by holding the key from overlapping room_restart()?

    I am trying to make a simple game where the player, represented by a character object called o_tommy, moves left and right with the keyboard arrows. That works but the problem is that I show a message when my timer runs out that aims to inform the player of their score and tell them to try...
  6. W

    Guys im new and need help

    so im working on a fighing game currently and realized that I need a character selcetiom screen so I searched up a youtube tutorial amd started getting to work once the lines of code were finished this problrm arised itself and I dont understand it I'm dropping a link in the attached files of...
  7. Mytchall Bransgrove

    HTML5 Customized get_string_async()

    HTML5, GMS1.4 Hey guys, just spent some time customizing the default get_string_async() dialog box, then tried get_string() and it uses the browsers default input box, a much better method! -Any reason why we shouldn't use get_string()? (apart from being synchronous & the manual warning us not...
  8. RizbIT

    message api or extension

    Hi, i have an app where you can make friends with new people. if both people become friends i want to allow a 1 to 1 private between them, preferably where message history is stored, kinda like whatsapp. i can send a message to other user and they can readit when they logon to the app and...
  9. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM how to draw dialog text dynamic (text typ effect like in many RPG 's)

    Heya, How can I make the code below effecient so I only have to write the complete message one time? Step: if dialog==1{ draw_text(220,962,'Goodmorning!'); } if dialog==2{ draw_text(220,962,'Goodmorning! I'); } if dialog==3{ draw_text(220,962,'Goodmorning! I see'); } if dialog==4{...
  10. N

    Message Background Size

    What would be the best size to set for a message background because every time I try to make a nice graphic background for my messages it gets really warped. I'm using GM8.1 btw and THANKZ for help :)
  11. N

    Showing message string and variables

    I thought this code would have worked but it didn't, can someone please help me with the right way to do it. show_message("Level Status: "+room_caption+"#Coins Remaining: " +instance_number(Coin)+"#Fuel" + health);
  12. K

    GML There's a Way to resize text??[SOLVED]

    I'm making the "Ready?" and "Go!" texts before the game starts, the "Ready?" message appears from the bottom to the center, and after that, the message changes to "Go!" and I want that the text resize. Draw_text_ext don't have this function and create message like sprites is not a good idea...
  13. Caio

    Legacy GM I can't buy examples in the marketplace

    I have GameMaker: Studio Professional (Tizen) Android Export, Windows Export. But when I click to buy any exemple in Marketplace show this message: "Free accounts cannot buy Marketplace Assets." Only i can buy in marketplace is free exemples, paid exemples this message appears. Can someone help me?
  14. G

    Pop-up messages messing up fullscreen mode

    I have a game that was developed for mobile devices and now I'm adapting it for Windows. The game features a button for In-App Purchases, but I want it to be disabled on the Windows version, so if the user presses it, it should display a message saying "This function is not available on...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Having Trouble Triggering an Event

    Hello Everyone! I am having trouble triggering an event after the final boss of my game is defeated. Basically, what I want to do is display a "BOSS DEFEATED" message after the final boss is defeated. I created a controller called "boss_timing_controller" that looks like this: This...
  16. Anixias

    Legacy GM Disabling Error Messages

    How would one disable error messages? Is there any way to make it just write errors to a log.txt file, and close the game? It'd be way more professional looking. Thanks.
  17. S

    Android Can't compile Android APK

    Hi, So this is my first time creating a mobile game with GameMaker and i did everything excactly as the description said. SDK, JDK and NDK are updated (game maker checks it and it shows me that everything is ok). Now when I try to compile it starts to compile but then there appears a message...
  18. F

    Windows RPG text sound typewriter typing problem[SOLVED]

    Ok I'm using game maker studio 1 and the text types fine but I'm using timelines to check when it has stopped to stop the sound and mugshot, and players have complained that the sound is beeping when the text has stopped typing, so I came here to ask if the following code will fix this and...
  19. M

    message_background (obsolete)??

    I am looking how to change the message box graphics. Thanks
  20. A

    Pop Up Text

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: Summary: Make pop up text message in top of player with different colors and using just scripts, no objets required. Tutorial: