1. R

    Multiple tabs menu

    Hi, I'm searching how to handle an interface that got multiple tabs each above the other. I want something that look like interlayers of a filling cabinet. I was hesitating between having the differents elements on all the interlayers created at the same time and you see only the ones that are...
  2. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Vertical Menu with Gamepad

    I have a fully working vertical menu that gets input from the keyboard and the gamepad D-Pad, but when I try to add the joystick/analog the choice just move all at once in one direction. How can I make it to where it just goes down one, like the arrow keys and the D-Pad. Here is the current...
  3. N

    Stage Select (Sonic Generations Style)

    Hello! Good afternoon! I'm Brazilian, so forgive me if my English is bad. Anyway, this is my first post, precisely because I have a terrible doubt that is tormenting me because I don't know how to do it. I would like to know how to create a 'Sonic Generations' style selection menu (see image...
  4. UniqueLefou

    Menu, character screen, game logic (o_Player)

    Доброго времени суток, товарищи. = GMS 2 = использую и у меня возник такой "новичковый" вопрос. Посмотрел приличное количество видеоуроков, касается Shawn Spalding и HeathBeast и не только, сделал с их помощью этот скелет, но, к сожалению, у них нет этой темы видеоуроков ( да и не особо...
  5. H

    GMS 2 Help with Menu "Memory"

    Hello, i made a main menu and a pause menu for my game, but i'm having a problem with save system (in the menu) i want to make a save file for menu configs but idk how to do it.. anyone can help with that ?
  6. NotTayyy

    GMS 2 Make an Menu/Inventory System (Like Earthbound and Undertale)

    Im trying to make a Inventory system that Is like Earthboud and Undertales, Where its controlled by the Keyboard and You can open multiple diff menus, and Items dont stack Etc... I Was wondering How I would go about this. edit: I Kinda know how to make the menu's for the Most part, Its the...
  7. F

    Greying out the screen to display menu text

    Hi Everyone, I'm developing a game which has a bright vibrant look. When I press the escape key it pauses the game and displays the menu options. My problem if that the menu text is lost amongst the game's graphics. Is there a way to put a grey filter over the whole game's graphics, so that...
  8. Yorollimor

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Menu controls stop working after choosing a menu option

    Hey everyone! I've been following the marvelous tutorials of "Friendly Cosmonaut" and am now working on a menu system. My problem now is that, after comparing the code over and over again, changing variables, I don't know anymore. The controls work perfectly in the main menu, I can go up...
  9. J

    GML There must be a more memory efficient way to do this

    I am currently working on the menu for my game and am using Friendly Cosmonaut's code. I decided that as well as a pause menu, there should also be menu in the title screen. Only issue is that as well as a separate main menu array, I also need another array for ever time you press back since I...
  10. Doggo

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Custom Controls?

    So, im trying to make a control menu so that you can change your controls. I have a script that checks for a input, then assigns it to a variable. I want to know how I can change the global.keyPressed variable to the keys that I listed, and the one the user pressed, and bring that value to a...
  11. V

    GMS 2 Viewport not changing

    Soooooo, I'm making a menu to my game and when I press the "New Game" option it goes to another room using "room_goto();", but, this room that i'm going to has a different viewport from the menu but it's not working. The viewport doesn't change, it keeps the viewport from the menu. Can somebody...
  12. witches

    GML [SOLVED] INI Values Not Being Drawn Correctly

    hello all, first time posting. I'm running into issues when relaying ini values to the draw event of my menu object. And the strangest part is that it is only 4, 5, 6, and 9. I have a menu system set where I directly write into the ini file and have that value set for the audio_group_set_gain...
  13. C

    Menu system

    I am trying to create a system in which there are multiple scripts and an object that, when the object comes in contact with the player, a menu appears. I want the scripts arguments to be things like the number of things in the menu, the strings to be displayed, the font, etc. but I don't even...
  14. SubWolf

    GML [SOLVED] Clicking on a Surface but clicks behind it

    Hello everyone! I'm with this problem... I created a Surface in the "Draw GUI" of an object like this: // Surface "Breaking Geode" var surf = surface_create(guiW, guiH); surface_set_target(surf); // here is the code drawing the interface within the surface // Drawing the Surface "Breaking...
  15. 1

    GMS 2 Can’t Make Keyboard Binding Menu

    im having trouble creating s options menu for gsm 2 where the player can customize controls by typing in his/her own key for a movement. There seems to be no tutorials on how to do this. Ex. I know it’s fortnite, but I want the customizabilty of the keybinds in my game Please help!
  16. E

    GML Menu Button scales up when selecting it

    I succeeded making the certain button turn blue, but i also wanna make the selected button scale up to 2x of it's original size. screenshots: if you ask, this video helped me creating these codes:
  17. C

    Need Help with programming a Menu system

    Hello, I am trying to program a simple menu system in Game-maker Studio 2, I am very new to coding so I followed a YouTube tutorial for help () However you can only press the down arrow and the S key and they send you to the very last option on the menu with no way of going up. Here is my code...
  18. Atbit

    Menu keyboard navigation

    I need to have a system, which could use keyboard and mouse at ones. Today I found one tutorioal, in which one guy used different globals. It works, and keys works fine, but I am too dumb to understand how can I make it work with the mouse. I got separated events for each menu buttons "mouse...
  19. PlayerOne

    Creating a scrolling menu V.2 [1D/2D]

    GM Version: GMS2 (unconfirmed if it works with GMS1) Version: 2.1 Links: None Downloads [GMS2]: Change Log: v2.0: Release v2.1: Added image, Fixed some text NOTICE: Due to...
  20. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Changing a Camera's Placement in Overworld Map

    Self-explanatory as far as titles goes. The setup so far is that I have a ds_list of areas the player can go to, but more areas will be added as the player progresses. The following area names in that ds_list is drawn within the menu interface and going to said areas isn't an issue. The problem...