1. J

    SOLVED How to store Sprite in variable? best way??

    Hello everyone, I'm new to GameMaker (not programming) and I would appreciate advice for how and where to save sprites definition for use. Right now I have them in an global variable like this: #macro DIRECTION_UP 0 #macro DIRECTION_DOWN 1 #macro DIRECTION_LEFT 2...
  2. Pineapple Lake

    Android Android 11 memory crash message

    Latelely I've been getting a lot of crash reports from users for my app in Google Play Console. They seem to only occur on Android 11 and it appears to be related to this piece of code in the Room End event: ///ROOM END part_emitter_destroy_all(global.ps1); whereas ps1 is a global variable...
  3. Yizzard

    Windows Changing the output location of compiled debug builds or setting a max number of saved builds

    Hi so I have no idea how I can't find this information anywhere as I feel like this should be a problem that affects a lot of people but often when I work for a long time my computer will run out of space because all of the debug builds (I'm not sure if that's the right word, but the game builds...
  4. Chreech Okash

    GMS 2.3+ Debugger Shows ram or ram+vram?

    I want to know if the debugger shows ram or ram+vram usage? Through my tests i came to know that each 2048x2048 texture page takes about 16mb vram. But in debugger it's like 32mb which is double of vram usage. Another question is if we use gm compressed vs external texture pages let's say-...
  5. Kezarus

    GMS 2.3+ Memory Leak - 2D Array that stores another arrays

    If you have a 2d Array and stores another array inside it causes a memory leak. Just execute the code below in a Step Event a couple of times. It's that simple. @Rui Rosário, @FoxyOfJungle, @GMWolf, @kburkhart84, I found it. :bunny: @TsukaYuriko, @Nocturne, should I open a a Bug Report? Can...
  6. gkri

    Android Memory Games with picou picou

    My very first game made with GMS2 is live and I am very happy about it. I migrated from another technology and I am very happy for my decision! I can confirm that developing with GMS2 is not only faster, but also a lot easier. It is a collection of educational mini games that practice memory...
  7. T

    SOLVED Optimization: objects and instances (question)

    Hello! Are there any difference for game if I have (for example) 10 objects or 10 instanses of one object? For memory/performance/etc. I have found 2 ways to make a cutscene, and first is to create a new object for every cutscene, second is to create different instances of one object (it uses...
  8. Fluury

    Memory Usage and the amount of Instances.

    Heya! I have lately ran into an interesting "problem" which is making me pretty confused. The project I am working on has level generation, which is creating a lot of instances. Some levels are bigger than others, and thus are more prone to having more instances. One day I realized that the...
  9. M

    Destroy ds_grid / map / list, even if they are local?

    Hi There Just short question. It's not that clear in the GM Help. If i have a local ds_grid like this: var grid = ds_grid_create(...) Do I have to destroy it after use as well? Thanks a lot! kind regards mX273
  10. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Does destroying a data structure destroy data structures within it?

    The manual says that destroying a data structure removes all values that it contains, but does that include other data structures? If, for example, I have a stack of maps, does ds_stack_destroy() remove all those maps, too? My memory usage grows with every room_restart() so I'm trying to...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Help in identifying memory leak?

    Hey guys, possibly dealing with my first memory leak ever here. C: drive space lost permanently everytime I launch my game. In Debug mode right at game start, the Graph starts going way up and hits the roof soon after the game has started. At the start of the game, I only have the randomize()...
  12. S

    Windows GMS2 - Need help with RAM usage by the program.

    Hello and thank you for taking your time to answer this question ! BASICALLY MY GMS:2 IS EATING WHOLE MY RAM My rig : ( LenovoT430 ) 4GB ram, intel-i5-3320M processor @2.60GHz boosted to 3.30GHz with the help of turboboost. ( I know it's weak but It hasn't been a problem for me unless I'm...
  13. Azenris

    GMS 2 surface_free

    Should surface_free still be called even if the surface_exists returns false. Like, is there internal meta data that GM uses and still needs freeing? if ( surface_exists( surface ) ) surface_free( surface ); or just always delete surface_free( surface );
  14. S

    [Solved] When do arrays cause memory leaks?

    I'm currently working on a project that, according to the debugger has a gradual memory increase/leak, that's not too much of a concern until about 10 minutes into play. I have made sure that all ds_ data structures, surfaces etc are destroyed, and I'm under the impression that it has something...
  15. C

    GMS 2 Will this cause a memory leak?

    Hi Guys, Help me clear something up, I am using a script to find the nearest object, However I noticed when called it does a DS_grid_create. now usually this may not cause an Issue but im calling the thing ALOT! I take it that this thing firing off every frame is NOT good!? its not major...
  16. Schekhovtsov

    GMS 2 FATAL ERROR. Memory allocation failed

    Hello. Can you tell me what caused the error on Android? ### FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object ob_achievement Memory allocation failed Attempting to allocate 16777216 bytes ###
  17. Joh

    How much sprite_add can be handled?

    Hi, Just started working with external/run-time generated assets and apparently GM is not a fan, since it throws them all on different texture pages. I've tried being councious around it, load only a small portion of sprites. based on what is needed. I unload (sprite_delete and sprite_flush)...
  18. X

    Memory allocation failed, can anyone explain the problem?

    ___ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Alarm Event for alarm 0 for object obj_gen_xs: Memory allocation failed: Attempting to allocate 2097672 bytes at gml_Object_obj_gen_xs_Alarm_0...
  19. J

    GML There must be a more memory efficient way to do this

    I am currently working on the menu for my game and am using Friendly Cosmonaut's code. I decided that as well as a pause menu, there should also be menu in the title screen. Only issue is that as well as a separate main menu array, I also need another array for ever time you press back since I...
  20. Gamerev147

    Graphics Using Adobe After Effects for Game Maker Animations

    I just recently got Adobe After Effects because of the power it has to animate literally anything. I had planned on using it to animate my sprites for Game Maker, however I ran into a few issues: My animations can be rendered as a PNG or JPEG sequence, but there are over 200+ images after...